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Her Name is Alice
Shinedown Lyrics

(If I had a world of my own, everything will be nonsense)
(Nothing will be what it is, because everything will be what it isn't)

I invite you to a world where there is no such thing as time
And every creature lens themselves to change your state of mind
And the girl that chase the rabbit drank the wine and took the pill
Has locked herself in limbo to see how it truly feels

To stand outside your virtue
No one can ever hurt you
Or so they say

Her name is Alice (Alice)
She crawls into the window
Shaped in shadows
Alice (Alice)
And even though she is dreaming, she knows

Sometimes the curiosity can kill the soul but leave the pain
And every ounce of innocence is left inside her brain
And through the looking glass we see she's thankfully returned
But now off with her head I fear is everyone's concern

You see there's no real ending
It's only the beginning
Come out and play

Her name is Alice (Alice)
She crawls into to the window
Shapes in shadows
Alice (Alice)
And even though she is dreaming
She's a locked for meaning for you
This kingdom good riddance good freedom and innocence
Has brought this whole thing down

Her name is Alice (Alice)
She crawls into to the window
Shapes in shadows
Alice (Alice)
And even though she is dreaming
She's a locked for meaning

She's a locked for meaning for you

(In contrary wise, what it is it wouldn't be)
(And what it wouldn't be it would)
(You see?)

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two years ago, i accidentaly clicked on this instead of "Alice In Wonderland" by Avril Lavigne. best mistake of my entire life.

عمرو قلعةجي

@Kami - Brawl Stars tgf vqqx

Asxccaqeruow Dogs x defense by setting deserve

Kami - Brawl Stars

i searched for SAO ost (Alice Zuberg theme)
btw she looks indentical almost like Alice In Wonderland

Wicked Glinda


Avi Pinkerton

@John Doe I was supposed to see them live aaaaaaannd Its Corona Time

Avi Pinkerton

Shinedown has a crap ton of good songs

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Maggie McCloskey

This story is not about a girl losing her virginity. What had inspired Lewis Carroll to write the novels of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland was his dean’s daughter Alice. He was very interested in Alice’s emotions and reactions to his stories when he came up with crazy fantasy lands while he would watch over her. He was very amused to find that most other children responded in the same way. He was entertaining them in a way so that they didn’t really need to think. His stories didn't have a moral, they were just plain odd. He simply wanted stories that you didn’t have to think about, to be an outlet for kinds in the high strung area. Carroll’s plot, nor setting, held any form of significance. He simply wanted to make it seem as if the reader stepping into the strange yet beautiful imagination of an innocent child. Carroll managed to get his point through flawlessly and truly transports the reader. The conflict was also based around what a child may see as a conflict. The entire story was solely created to suit a child’s thought on the world. Although I understand that there are many versions of Alice in Wonderland, Lewis Carroll aka Charles Lutwidge Dodgson wrote the original novel and I'm sick and tired of seeing that it is about a girl losing her virginity. 


I personally thought it was about a teenage girl who got pregnant and got an abortion and everyone around her hated her because of it.

The Minecraft Mage yt

@Karen Camacho and why do you say that. Alice in the book I believe is about 7 maybe 8. Far from being a baby.

The Minecraft Mage yt

@rêveur not the original book. It is apparently much darker than what is portrayed nowadays

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