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The Books Lyrics

Maestro, as you paint this picture would you
tell me what - what's going on
in your mind.
Now the cross, the mystical, vertical cross.
Out of black paint,
(... via con questo coso per... cortesia...)
a cros comes down from the top left hand
side of the canvas.
(via con quella testa per cortesia!)
he has just thrown a bunch of gold paint
which has not only hit me in the face
(... ostia...)
but has gone across the canvas to the
applause of the crowd below.
(... calma... aspetta... ahó aspetta cazoo, eh...
adesso, aspetta!)
now some black paint
(... giù con quella test! giù la testa nico... via
via con quel coso lí porcoddio...)
This is the head, this is the head -
this is the head of the black death.
The canvas and the photographers are
covered with paint.
I might add, its black paint and gold paint on
a white canvas.
(... un pochettino un pochettino! cosí cosí dai!
pií in lá!)
that was a - a big slash of paint.
What is this.
(Ah aaah ah ah (dialetto) è bellissimo?? non
va piè via... (dialetto) guarda,
No, no, no! Eeehh!)
Now he got even with the photographers who
have been covering the canvas,
And opens the canvas and out comes twelve
pigeons! Ha ha ha!
Twelve homing pigeons have just flown out of
the canvas.
Maestro, what are you doing?
You call this painting...
Le Lion de St. Mark.
The lion of St. Mark
Hommage à Venice.
Homage to Venice, the home (ha ha) of the
lion of St. Mark.

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