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Mickey Mouse Is Dead
Subhumans Lyrics

Mickey Mouse is dead
Got kicked in the head
'cause people got too serious
They planned out what they said
They couldn't take the fantasy
Tried to accept reality
Analyzed the laughs
'cause pleasure comes in halves
The purity of comedy
They had to take it seriously
Changed the words around
Tried to make it look profound
The comedian is onstage
Pisstaking for a wage
The critics think he's great
But the laughter turns to hate
Mickey Mouse is on TV
And the kids stare at the screen
But the pictures are all black and white
And the words don't mean a thing
'cause Mummy's got no money
And daddy is in jail
He couldn't afford the license
She can't afford the bail, no
The kids out in the road
Their minds have all gone cold
'cause Mickey Mouse is dead
They shot him through the head
With ignorance and scorn
They believed in something new
They read the papers, watched the films
And thought they knew the truth
Look what you've done to Mickey Mouse
But reality deceives
Whatever you believe
There's always another idea
And theirs is based on fear
The fear of being sussed
For what they really are
The fear of being laughed at
When they go too far
They call it paranoia
You can't laugh it away
Until you come to realize
Everyone's the same
People hide their problems under faces of contempt
They hide 'em, till it kills 'em, and no one is exempt
Not even you
Look what you've done to Mickey Mouse
1, 2, 3, 4, look what you've done to Mickey Mouse
1, 2, 3, 4, can't you even laugh it away?


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Who know that this song would be so relevant today with Disney making nonoriginal movies and live action remakes of their old classics. Disney and Mickey Mouse is truly dead

Ken Lieck

@Metal fan Savarani Ironically, the new Mickey Nouse cartoons are incredible (and free on Youtube) but they have no cultural impact whatsoever so to the public they might as well be dead.

Metal fan Savarani

When has Disney has made anything original?


I dare someone who works at any Disney park to play this at the park on loop... you'll probably get fired but I feel it would be worth it... just a little bit.

Miles Hall

Bro. Life goals!!!!

joey manson

I got a pretty large shoulder cap tattoo pf a Mickey Mouse design.
Partially inspired by this song.
Doing my part to keep MM alive.
I dont know if Dick wrote this to scold Disney or if He wrotw this as a commemtary on how escapism is just a fuitless venture becaise reality "is waiting for a bus."? Comedy and entertainment are so much a part of life. I think tje root thoight lays much deeper than the surface of the words and references used.

Skunk69 x

Yep, he done SNAPPED....


Everyone should quit their job like Steven Slater (the JetBlue employee). Look it up

Scott Meckley

If i never ever needed a job again and I worked at Disney I would.

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Asa Braco /Deayth Faerie

Saw them live in '08. It was fucking fabulous. Lucas's vocals were just as good live.

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