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Russkaja Lyrics

Tractor, tractor is rushing to somewhere,
Tractor, tractor without the tractor-driver.
Tractor, tractor,
Field work.
Tractor, tractor,
Ah, life is an expanse,
Oh, quinoa...

Tractor, tractor
Tractor, tractor

Tractor is a transport, motor, machine.
Tyres are giving smoke from the acceleration.
Tractor, tractor,
Follow me into the field.
Tractor, tractor,
Ah, life is an expanse.

Tractor, tractor
Tractor, tractor

Tractor, tractor
Tractor, tractor

Contributed by Kaylee C. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

herp derp

Way ahead of its time, truly prophetic.

Fabs spaF

Time goes by... Saw Russkaja the first time over a decade ago while still in school and I regularly come back to listen. One thing is sure: Russkaja's concerts were always one of the most fun and enjoyable events I've ever been on. Thank you, Russkaja, for this awesome time and memories. I hope you're well. You will always have special place in my heart.

Ich hoffe, dass ihr alle wohl auf seid. Es wäre so schön, wieder auf ein Konzert von euch zu gehen. Ihr seid's afoch leiwand. Grüße und alles Gute euch allen, kommt's gut durch diese komische Zeit!
Danke Georgij für die tolle Stimmung, die du und die Band immer bei euren Auftritten gezaubert habt😉


I just discovered this band tonight after listening to Alestorm and I think
I just became a RUSSKAJA FAN !! This band is awesome !

Karl Petrosian

Try to see them live, for sure you Will became a fan for Life...


@Saris Cross
I like bands that have ORIGINALITY and
this band is very original !

Padrian Dusk

+rbagel55 Just like almost everyone who listened to Alestorm ^^"

jose gutierrez muñoz

Me too

Elias Gallardo

+rbagel55 >after listening to Alestorm
me too :V

Shawarma Brah

never thought a song about a tractor could be this catchy

Sporn ²3

TraKtor TraKtor! Let's play some music, ty native instruments.

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