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Austin Wintory Lyrics

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Austin Wintory

My friends, you probably saw that last night I lost the Grammy to Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross for THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO. The overflow of support I saw here, on Twitter, on facebook, over email and everywhere else was overwhelmingly touching to me. I can't thank you enough. Please don't forget that I never sought to win a Grammy. My goal was to try and make music that remotely did justice to thatgamecompany's masterpiece. I could never thank them, or you, enough for this adventure.


Do you charge a lot of money to make soundtracks? What if you are making an independent video game with a story line, what would you charge?

Dihydrogen Monoxide

Grammy is just an award. You've touched countless souls with your music.


@MARCOM noivent 👍👍👍

MARCOM noivent

Good job, your music is pure art, thank you.


use apotheosis

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I remember playing this game and meeting another player half-way through, after which we stuck together and helped each other until the end, ringing out our emote every time we began to get separated. It was all really heartwarming, I think. They drew a heart in the snow at the top of the mountain and we spent another brief moment ringing out the little emote thing before they ran through the portal. I regret not sending them a friend invite - I never saw them again. But that memory along with this music is something special.

Kropotkins Beard

Who said video games aren't art? Haha, what a stunning piece of music.

What Doth Life!?

@VHASCOMETO Roger Ebert was anti-game and Ecco/ICO/Journey are three (amongst dozens and merely scratching the surface) games that prove him very wrong.

Stitches 76

@VHASCOMETO i know someone who did, the guy who made YIIK said 'games weren't art' after his game was heavily criticized. Take that however you want

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