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Church Lyrics

A palm tree nodded at me last night
Said hey you look so pale
I don't know if it was the air or the breeze in my hair
I had a feeling I had failed
So down to the beach just out of reach
The moon was being trailed
A girl and a sailor and a hot dog trailer
That's their holy grail
The sand whispered heat and burned the feet
Of gulls landing on the shore
In the motel pool the waitress cools
She doesn't ask for more
She makes a wish she takes a risk
She opens up her door

Through human eyes she's a dolphin in disguise
It's the last night of the war
Somewhere far away there's another day
And someone's getting out of bed
She put on her face in the morning space
She doesn't know she's dead
Her ruby lips can't excite me anymore
And pain sprawls on the chair, it's always there
And he descends the stairs, he doesn't see
The sunburned landlord glares, for all the people
He can never be


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Comments from YouTube:

Dave Suchy

NEVER HEARD OF THESE day in the 80s I was walkin to the bar and found a cassette tape on the ground, homemade, it only said skins and heart.....didnt find out for 10 yrs who they of the best ''new wave'' bands I ever heard. The Church was relatively unheard of in Iowa.


After thirty-something years this song, this slow, steady crescendo of a song, still sends chills up my spine.


This is one of the best songs ever.

Roy Ferguson

yeah, still true today. Good taste old man

Don Quan

Kilbey is one of the best songwriters ever.

Keith Donald

Steve Kilby ..the most underrated song writer in the history of rock.


This song is so amazing...takes me back to an earlier time in my life when it just seemed "easier." Anybody else?

Kihm Sanders

Love the way this song builds, adding layers with subtlety, painting a picture in your mind. A true classic!


Sublime song! As a guitarist I must add my admiration for Peter's playing - he's my absolute favourite guitarist ever in the entire universe - and Dave Gilmour! 🎸🎸


What a great song! Love the build up to the crescendo at the end. I wonder if they were influenced by ABBA's "The Winner Takes It All" (1980), which also had that great build up. I always loved the Church's precision and fluid sound - they're easily my favourite Aussie band!

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