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The Chariot Lyrics

Don't... let them sell you a cage Don't. bleed for blood That
I've bled I've. thrown no kid to the wolves So. make Your
peace The. actor is not who he claimed Carry. on They've.
painted gold this cage and the actor has Betrayed
and, the actor has betrayed yet, I repeat "So, Please
step, away from the ocean You'll... never Understand
you'll, never understand ". Carry on White. Flag
White. flag White. flag White. flag White. flag White.
flag Victory. is such a lonely word Victory. is Such
a lonely word Victory. is such a lonely word Victory.
is such a lonely word And. I built my father's House
I, built my father's house I, built my father's House
and, I built my father's house but, I refuse to Breathe
the breath of the failure Resurrect. and be Blessed
by the dead Don't. dig up old bones

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Most interesting comment from YouTube:

Rustin Cohle

well, yeah. but even still, in that video alone there's an unbelievable amount of damage done to amps and gear....
but. I saw dillinger escape plan in 1999 on the calculating infinity tour, besides fines from insisting on having a fire breather, their largest tour cost were emergency room visits. before the show I saw the guitarist to my stage left (ben I believe) take off a finger splint, pop a couple pills, and play beyond what I thought was humanly possible injury free and standing still.
and he was hardly standing still.
they had a guy running lights, timed samples, at one point the first bass player came out and screamed in a wheel chair,(he had been in a pre-tour car accident)... it really defied my idea of what an affordable tour is/was. if you're determined, you can flip your van on I-5, roll down a meridian, then still play an amazing show like at the drive-in did on the relationship of command tour in seattle.. 
if you're dedicated you find a way.
so where are these bands now btw? chariot was tough for me, (i'm really not into Christianity, but regardless of what they believe, I've reconciled that they're amazing, and sometimes you just have to separate the work from the artist) but I don't see other chariot-like, passion filled, dedicated, absolutely crushing bands out there.
i'm picky but i'm looking.
some I've found touring
breather resist's "split sessions" or "charmer"
LORDS "swords" or (ahem) "fuck all ya'll motherfuckers"
transistor transistor  "erase all names and likeness"
daughters "hell songs" dear god get it if you don't have it, but after daughters in 2010, then chariot, feeling pretty empty in the pioneering insane thashy punk rock part of my life.

All comments from YouTube:

Chad Davis

NO BAND will EVER outperform and passionately take their love for music by the balls and explode like this. NO BAND EVER.

Junier Escartín - Abioye Gavriil Yegor

But I refuse to breathe the breath of the failure!

Mi corazón se regocija!

Saludos desde Panamá!

Chad Davis

<3 <3

David Hunt

my most favorite band/experience ever


I believe this is not the original video. Theres an official with footage from all around the world, where live music was mixed with the one recorded and it was AWESOME. Banjo moments, backstage situations, blood, and laughs. Singer screamed "we are the chariot" like 27 times in one part. Does anyone remember that? I cant find it anywhere, it was theyre best video


Pray for the guitars

Levi Belliveau

IIRC their bassist was dropped because of the number of basses he broke

Hunter Hunter

Best video of all time

K. H.

i callu idiot

Antuan Mastro

I hate that I missed this experience

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