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Protest the Hero Lyrics

Chews the fat with his creator
Over breakfast in the sunlight
Through when he says grace,
When he says grace, he feels enveloped like a shadow
There are evenings when this decimated world of movement, colour, form,
Is thin and getting thinner
When lights are dim and getting dimmer
when nights are grim and they're only getting,
Only getting grimmer

As they barter their boulders and martyr their soldiers,
Teach a man to tear her fucking head from her goddamn shoulders

Held into the sun by the threads of her hair,
They impart a secret hatred from their fathers to their heirs

Suppressed and unaddressed the simple fact remains unspoken,
In silence left unbroken, on a bed bound and gagged
With culture, language, myth and law: our Goddess gave birth to your God
From a wounded womb where her flesh scarred and raw
Our Goddess gave birth to your God

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Comments from YouTube:

Renato San

this album is simply perfect!

Ceb Winchester

For those who dont know the line "do you want to see the galaxy?" came from the movie "Starship Troopers" , Rico's (the main protagonist in the movie) dad wants to treat him for a tour and his dad said that line.

Ernst Vay

3:55 That part makes me so happy

Luka Megurine

best accidental meow in a song <3


@Yurii Kotsar I'm inclined to believe it was accidental since all new mixes of it have the meow removed

Yurii Kotsar

They said in an interview they decided to leave it in, but it was accidental, although I find that hard to believe x)


Detox Rogue I don't think it was accidental lol

Troy and Abed Sewn Together

Beginning of this song always reminded me of a slowed down version of flight of the bumblebee

Alex Phelan

If you want a definition of music go to 2:05 :)


Alex Phelan You didn't mean 3:33?

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