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Spoken For
MercyMe Lyrics

Take this world from me
I don't need it anymore
I am finally free
My heart is spoken for

Oh and I praise you
Oh and I worship you

Covered by your love divine
Child of the risen Lord
To hear you say "This one's mine"
My heart is spoken for

Now I have a peace
I've never known before
I find myself complete
My heart is spoken for

Oh and I praise you
Oh and I worship you


By the power of the cross
You've taken what was lost
And made it fully yours
And I have been redeemed
By you that spoke to me
Now I am spoken for

[Chorus: x2]

Take this world from me
Don't need it anymore


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Comments from YouTube:

Diana Marquez

Went through a divorce and feeling so rejected this song reminded me I belong to Jesus! I am spoken for to someone who matters the most! Thank you mercy me!

Bruiser 14

facing a lot of stuff right now and God just layed this song on my heart. i just had to listen to it.

Frankfaces Nd

Me too

Carole LawMac

This song literally brings me to my knees. My favorite song of ALL-time. β€οΈπŸ™πŸ½

Chris Kline

Semper Fi brother. I came to know the Lord while I was in basic training too. Jesus is Lord and he will never leave your side once you belong to him.

Grace Scott

When you read this....pray for me.
I'm going in for an abdominal CT scan this Friday for some stomach issue's I've been dealing with for while now.
This song came to my mind today. I came here to listen to it again and again because I was in a wreck in 2005 and suffered a concussion and had a ct scan done and the doctor also found something else on my brain that concerned him so he ordered an MRI to get a better look.
I was so scared. The day I went in for the MRI the place that I went to played Christian music in the room where I had the MRI done. Before the scan started this song came on and I felt the presence of God all around me. When the dr called me the next day with the results.....there was nothing to be found! God healed me!!!
This song gives me so much peace!

Ken Littlefield

Praying for you Gloria and feeling great joy at your expression of faith

Desire Makungu

Amen glory to God

cindy lou

Are you ok?

Robert Gutierrez

Grace Scott amen!!!

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