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Wrap Your Arms Around Me
The Knife Lyrics

Wrap your arms around me

I felt the earth
I felt the time
The sky was blue
Come, normalize
Then I got the urge for penetration

When we meet
Wrap your arms around me
Tell me all those things you haven't told me

In the crowd
I'll find you
On your lapel there's a red carnation

All the things that's left to do
Feel love and build a house with you
And free the unborn child at the castle

Wrap your arms around me
Wrap your arms around me
Wrap your arms around me
Wrap your arms around me

(Free the unborn child at the castle)

Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group
Written by: Karin Elizabeth Dreijer Andersson, Olof Bjorn Dreijer

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Comments from YouTube:


I've been a fan of The Knife for a long time, glad to see that the show The Handmaid's Tale has brought over new listeners.

Anti waria

Its a good soundtrack

Berserkir Claws

This is such a weird song but I love it ! Portishead, Massive Attack, Bjork vibe yeah!!!
I can't get enough 😃😃😃

Koury Gibson

Yes it is beserkir claws

Jake Brantley

I forgot about Portishead and Idk MA so Ill have to check them out, thank you

Simon Roos

one of the best songs ever made


This was my exact reaction while watching the The Handmaid's Tale:

"Whoah, this song is awesome! It sounds like something "The Knife" would make. The singer even sounds like Karin Dreijer, but it obviously can't be her, because no one's ever heard of...wait a minute."

mind explodes


absolutly the same !!!! behind the horizont. <3

Hannah Littlejohn

Basically my reaction!

Amber Smith

My SAME thought process!!!

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