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Kylie From Connecticut
Ben Folds Lyrics

It's just a thought, but where did it come from
What does she do with it if it comes back
A note from his assistant is there by the telephone
She wonders again as she turns out the lights

Kylie is calling from Connecticut
She says you've got the number
It says Kylie is calling from Connecticut
It's back on her mind as she closes her eyes

She believes there are things you shouldn't know about
When you've been married for thirty-five years
And her heart belongs to a man that she hadn't seen
Since a magical night when the children were small


Kylie is calling from Connecticut
It's probably nothing, yeah nothing at all
Kylie is calling from Connecticut
It's back on her mind as she's reading old letters
That she left in the closet with the pictures she cherished
She never told a soul for the last thirty years
Now she closes her eyes

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Comments from YouTube:

Mark Holman

When your names mark and youre adopted

Indy Nimm

This song is about a woman who in a moment wonders if her husband might be cheating on her. And then spends the rest of the night reminiscing of the time she cheated on him, 30 years ago. It's really sad, actually. She loves the man, in ways she can't love her husband. But they'll never be together. This song is about how it sucks being human sometimes.

Kylie XOXO

When your name is kylie and you're from Connecticut 😐😧

Ian Wiebe

The piano sends chills down my spine every time i hear this

Noah Pacheco

One of the most beautiful songs ben has ever written in my opinion and also one of the most underrated songs in his solo career, of course knowing that brick is a true story its super hard to top but this song has always felt special to me. A song about two lovers who love someone else, a song about paranoia and depression, a song about a human being drowning in her sins. The melody accompanying the story is just incredible as well as the pure emotion that ben puts into it as well as the vocals. It absolutely baffles me how every one of my friends have no clue about this song or brushed past it, its just perfect.

Kylie Whitmeyer

when ur name is kylie and ur from connecticut lmao


Who's husband are you trying to get back in touch with?!?!


Same lol

Jason Fischer

This is my favorite songs of his, on my "regularly listened to" playlist. Soft and beautiful melody set to a very complicated woman's thoughts about an affair of her's casting doubt on her husband's fidelity.


Brilliant and moving

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