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i love you
Billie Eilish Lyrics

It's not true
Tell me I've been lied to
Cryin' isn't like you
What the hell did I do?
Never been the type to
Let someone see right through

Maybe won't you take it back?
Say you were tryna make me laugh
And nothin' has to change today
You didn't mean to say, "I love you"
I love you and I don't want to

Up all night on another red eye
I wish we never learned to fly
Maybe we should just try
To tell ourselves a good lie
I didn't mean to make you cry

Maybe won't you take it back?
Say you were tryna make me laugh
And nothin' has to change today
You didn't mean to say, "I love you"
I love you and I don't want to

The smile that you gave me
Even when you felt like dyin'

We fall apart as it gets dark
I'm in your arms in Central Park
There's nothin' you could do or say
I can't escape the way I love you
I don't want to, but I love you

Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group, Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.
Written by: Billie Eilish O'Connell, Finneas Baird O'Connell

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dear pillow,
sorry for all the tears you held for me..
Dear ex friend,
sorry about what happened at the past...
Dear parents,
sorry for the grades and for being a dissapointment to the family..
Dear moon,
thanks for listening to me when i needed someone to talk to..
Dear bear,
thanks for letting me hug you when no one wants to

Benz Aliff bin Malik

I'm married, 39 years old, with 4 kids. But feels like I've drifted apart from my wife. We haven't even kissed for years. Sometimes it feels more like the responsibility of the marriage is all that is left. To distract myself, learn how to sing, installed a karaoke app, and started singing and making friends there.
I love to see other people laugh so i always make jokes there. Literally, i was known as the joker in the app among friends there. But little did i know, a friend there kept sharing all my funny antics in her group among her cousins. And one cousin, in particular, told her that she really loved all my jokes and funny antics.
I was like whoa I felt like this was the first time someone really appreciated what I did. So I was really happy and told my friend omg I think like your cousin!
So i kept on making jokes, and my friend become the one to convey our messages to each other. I couldnt come up the courage of asking her contact for fear of what if this was all a big joke.
Then her birthday came up and i wished her happy birthday. But the just found out that she got back with her ex boyfriend after her birthday.

Suddenly it feels like everything in this song hits me hard. It was like man felt like this song is whats happening with me.
She be saying tell me im lying that i really liked her. And im known to always laugh and make other people laugh so its not like me to cry over something like this. And what the hell did i do exposing myself that i actually fell in love with someone. And they be like hey can you take back what you said? That you being the joker was just trying to make her laugh and i wasnt really gonna say that i loved her. And yes i didnt want to fall in love with her. I mean cmon im 39, married with 4 kids. But, she made me feel like a human being again after a long time. I didnt want to fall in love but i did...
And when i cried and couldnt sleep, i kept thinking i wished i never started this with her. And maybe i should just try to lie to myself that it was all a joke.
TL:DR started as a joke, didnt expect to fall in love, fell in love but didnt work out. I just want to feel happy you know...

p.s : i wish u guys reading this many happiness in your life

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Cosette Noel

Hey you.
Yes you.
You know who I’m talking about.
The one who feels alone.
The one who is listening to this song for a reason.
The one who needs somebody.
You are loved and you are strong.
And I am rooting for you.
So please don’t hurt yourself.
By doing that you hurt me and everyone else you loves you.
Don’t do it.
I love you. 💕

Abbygale Day

Not Good...

Me and my GF are at almost 3 months and she says to me "Abb... I'm poly" and so now I'm stuck and don't know what to do... I love her and don't want to leave her but I have to...

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Krizelle Mercado

she protecc
she atacc
but most importantly
the way she sings this song makes my heart cracc


Just did a cover of this song on my channel, check it out if you'd like to 😁❤️

Krizelle Mercado

alone astronaut cracc**

alone astronaut


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