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Distant Shore
Dirty Three Lyrics

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If I had to listen only one song until the end of my life, it would have been this song. And I could give years of my life to be in that studio that night. I hope one day I will be able to play this song.

Samantha Johnson

That violin in the beginning, it just hits my soul like nothing ever could. If longing were a sound that would be it .

Zena Olek


Randolph Lautsch

Couldn't agree with you more!!!! Saw them live recently and it blew me the fuck away!!!! Even got a chance to speak to Jim and Warren!!!

Cee Cee

It channels through to the very being of me..makes my heart ache for something I didn't know I needed x

Drone 27

...3am drunk and alone music, missing something that's long gone.

danny slammy

@Gianvibenti Bentivoglio aye

Gianvibenti Bentivoglio


Innocent Outlaw

this is so surreal. like i can hardly believe its real. makes me think of an old lantern swinging in the rain on an old wooden ship. as lightning strikes

Shruggz Da Str8-Faced Clown

In haiku-form:

old lantern swinging
in the rain on an old wooden ship
as lightning strikes

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