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Hans Zimmer Lyrics


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Comments from YouTube:


goosebumps every time I hear this track. pure perfection.


So was the movie! One of the greatest movies of all time.


5:35 goosebumps every time


Amazing soundtrack and one awesome movie. Can’t tell you how much I’ve listened to this soundtrack. It’s ridiculous. 😂


I listen to this music all the time. It gives me so much.. So much motivation and goodwill! It is simply amazing! Thank you for posting!


I just found this. I finally found the song, after 5 years. I remember this song was featured in a childhood programme that I watched in the early 00’s


2:10 that bass line !!


Hello, I honestly have never loved a song as much as I love this one. I want to take this song with me wherever I go. I'm a little Russian. I love this song with a full heart. <3 This song should be one of my life songs. I feel love when I listen to this song. 3:44 to the end is what I love about this song.


Hans Zimmer is GENIUS!


Can I Play Daddy? / genius ? man ...IS THE SUPER MAN OF THE GENIUS !!!

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