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Daddy What If
Bobby Bare Lyrics

(Daddy what if the sun stop shinin' what would happen then)
If the sun stopped shinin' you'd be so surprised
You'd stare at the heavens with wide open eyes
And the wind would carry your light to the skies
And the sun would start shinin' again
(Daddy what if the wind stopped blowin' what would happen then)
If the wind stopped blowin' then the land would be dry
And your boat wouldn't sail son and your kite wouldn't fly
And the grass would see your troubles and she'd tell the wind
And the wind would start blowin' again
(But daddy what if the grass stopped growin' what would happen then)
If the grass stopped growin' why you'd probably cry
And the ground would be watered by the tears from your eyes
And like your love for me the grass would grow so high
Yes the grass would start growin' again
(But daddy what if I stopped lovin' you what would happen then)
If you stopped lovin' me then the grass would stop growin'
The sun would stop shinin' and the wind would stop blowin'
So you see if you wanna keep this old world a goin'
You better start lovin' me again again you better start lovin' me again
You hear me Bobby you better start lovin' me again
You love me Bobby you better start lovin' me again


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Un Poco Loco

"Everything I know about life, I've learned from Shel Silverstein's 'The Missing Piece!'" - was it Quagmire from 'Family Guy' who said that (or sumpin' similar...)?!? Giggity.

I grew up with Dr. Hook & The Medicine Show - mum loved 'em, as did a producer on Danish TV (I live in the south of Sweden and grew up in the 60s with one Swedish - until 1969 - and one Danish TV channel in b&w - until 1970 - but in the 70s, we suddenly had no less than two Swedish channels, and all three were in colour). Dr. Hook were on Danish TV several times a year in the early to mid 70s.

She took me (aged 14) and my kid brother to see them outdoors in the summer of '76, when they still were funny...and as always, they stripped 100% nude for the encore, and they faked being drunk better than Dean Martin in his heyday (no disrespect, and no other comparisons...). And the above song is on Shel Silverstein's 'Best of' CD, available brand new for 5-6 bucks, and a real treat. 

Although I'd laughed my ass off listening to their eponymous debut, 'Sloppy Seconds', 'Belly up' and 'Bankrupt' (as Dr. Hook). I did't get even half of the lyrics 40-45 years ago. Since then, I've learned all about short-order cooks, Marie Lavaux, Sunset Strip, S/M and Acapulco Gold (outside church in - Acapulco...). 'Makin' love and music' made us lose interest in them. 

Yada, yada, jodå...

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Heath Davis

This was one of my Dad's favorite songs !! He pass on in 2010!! Almost 9 years later I still tear up when I hear it!! I miss you Dad


I lost my dad in 2010 too I miss him dearly my your dad and my dad rest in gods hands Rip dads


I'm 50. My dad died when I was 9. We used to sing it together. Tears fall in the first few seconds of hearing this.

Sue Darling

I understand . I miss my dad so much. This song makes me feel him in my heart.

Nicole Ivy

My dad used to play this and sing this for me as a baby & Toddler❤️

Cindy Blount

Mine too. We would sing it together. 😭

Lacey tapia

This was played at my daddys funeral..he would sing to me when i was younger

Donna Heiden

Love it!

Bernadette Alness

I have always loved sweet!!

York Classic Music

This is so sweet and touching

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