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Clair de lune
Claude Debussy Lyrics


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Elaine June

I was lucky enough to be born into a house with music.

My dad loves to play piano, and he wasn’t the most talkative person, but when he started to play piano, you could feel him speaking to you.

When I was 2 years old, he would sit me on his lap and play this song. When I was 14 years old, he was diagnosed with cancer, and they told him he wouldn’t live to the end of the year (it was August)

He lived for two more years, defying everything the doctors had told him.

He died surrounded by his family, and his last words to me were, “never stop playing, can you please, play for me? And not forget me? Can you do that for me?”

At his funeral, I was asked if I would play a song, and I chose to play this song, the song he played while I would sit on his lap. The song that could bring back a thousand memories.

And now, 8 years later, I sat down at the piano with my beautiful 2 year old girl, who we decided to name Claire, and played this song for her.

Eric Archibald

I have played piano for 18 years.
My Dad loved this song.
I played this for him frequently.

He said if I memorized this piece he would give me $100. I had a concert and featured this piece and after the concert my dad gave me the $100.

A few years ago he passed away and I played Clair de Lune at his funeral.

I know he heard me when I played this at his funeral.
He can hear me playing the piano still.

RIP Dad.

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Clair de Lune, one of Debussy's finest works, a journey of emotion and intensity. This has been a favorite of mine for a long time now, and I'm glad I could perform it for you! Thank you for enjoying my videos so far, there are many more to come :D

שלמה בן נתן

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Miles Murphree

Great job :) i love the colors and you performed beautifully

Travis K

Rousseau how long have you been playing piano for? I really wanna be able to play this by heart but I haven't even played twinkle twinkle little star before haha


You're incredibly talented, and the amount of time and practice you've put into playing the piano really shows.

Subbed, and I very much look forward to what you show us next :) Thanks for uploading.


Gymnopedie next plz <3

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Pilot Menace

2:05 is Debussy's gift to the world, that sequence of arpeggios literally chills me to the core, it's absolute bliss

Mihael H

But yea its my favorite part


It’s the part right before that gives me the chills


i think around 2:32 when the keys turn purple is the best for me

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