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Clair de lune
Claude Debussy Lyrics


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For any of you commenting here, welcome. This comment section is filled with wonderful things, and I would like to be the first to introduce you to them.

Claire De Lune is probably my favourite song, as I associate it with a very dear family member whom I recently lost. Listening to this song brings tears to my eyes as I remember all the good times I spent with them, and how pure of heart they truly were. But I seem to not be the only one who has this song deeply engraved in my mind for a good reason. Many comments here tell stories of old friends, family members, important events in their lives... Each one has something to tell, and I highly suggest you read as many as you can.

However, as you scroll through the comments, you might find a recurring character: Mr. Tortilla. Despite his nonchalant name, Mr. Tortilla is probably the single most beautiful thing to grace this video, aside from the wonderful music. With no exception, Mr. Tortilla has been commenting on this video for over 600 days, at least once every day, telling us all his daily routines, wins and losses. The compilation of his daily recaps tells the story of a musician, a brother and a dear friend, and it's a great example of simply how inspiring this song can be, and how each day is special on its own.

Mr. Tortilla's full story is better told by himself, so hopefully you will take the time and effort to at least start reading it. Regardless of whether you do or not, thanks for reading this introductory comment. And please, cherish every moment you spend with your loved ones, and enjoy every note gently grazing your eardrums.

I wish you a great day/night.

Siobhan O'Connor

What I've gathered about Mr Tortilla:
1. Real name is Leslie (or Lee)
2. He might be female
3. He is British
4. He is in school
5. He doesn't like school... or talking
6. He doesn't get on with his family too well (but his online family love him)
7. He has two pet Guinea Pigs
8. Likes skateboarding
9. Watches Anime
10. Loves to draw, very artsy
11. Used to have a bully
12. Likes video games
13. Writes his own music
14. Knows 6 languages, currently learning Japanese and Russian
15. He has great taste in music
16. Also a sweetheart

Note to self: got up to day 50-174

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Archanea -

My grandmother was a piano teacher for over 50 years and this was always her go to song to play. Today it was played at her funeral

Maxou Salt



im sorry for your loss. my grandpa died also.


Your grandmother lived a very good life, sorry for your loss..


Well that when dark sorry for your loss



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Fiore Deste

claude really put his whole debussy on this one

Lol Ur Bad.

lmfao, what the shit?


Pay for my therapy…..

Twilight Envoy

I don't get it he's a beardy male French Composer he doesn't have a debussy

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