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Poison Flour
Dr. Alimantado Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Dr. Alimantado:

Chapter Of My Heart You told me you love me you won't break my…
Chu [Knoc-turn'al] What'chu want? What'chu want? Get off me I pu…
I Killed the Barber The gift of Jah is eternal life! Still Tom, the Piperβ€²s…
Just the Other Day It's motherfuckin' Game time! Six pounds of chronic on my g…
Mama Mama Yeah The doctor's back New vocal effect stack Listen to that…
No More Heartache Hello? Hello? Hello? 'Course you're the only girl. You're…
Ride On Biatch Eeh? W'appen nuh, baby? You look good inna yuh car, …
Slavery let it go I got to let Let it all go Leave it in the Past…

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Comments from YouTube:

Frans Groeliker

Still got that album, it survived all my youtfull abuse quite unscathed, one of the best pressed sounds in town man.



Susan Beckwith

same here


got to be one of the best basslines ever

The Sprawl

Wicked tune - heard it as part of Jason Spaceman's Radio 1 Breezeblock mix from '98.

Anyone who wants to have their mind expanded and new avenues opened should listen to that set, and if you can track down his second set on the same show(from 1999 possibly?), which is even better, you should do it immediately. Reggae, soul, blues, C&W, pure rock & roll, even free jazz(you can skip those bits though...) - those two sets just exploded my musical horizons and introduced me to Dion, Jimmy Scott, Patsy Cline, Hank Williams, Sam Cooke, Dr Alimantado...

And Jimmy Scott's recording of Day By Day is just sublime.

Naughty Monkey

Just a classic piece of music. Enormous sub bass on a big rig. Warm, fuzzy analog goodness, and such a dope chorus melody.
"What The Time" at the intro was sampled in a massive 1990s jungle rinser. Excellent track from a flawless album. Big love!

Rocktron is Back

Your version is way better than the other shares. Thanks for the upload :) Great album and a legend. 5***** added to my favs.

CptChunk 54

Bought this album in 1980..and still one of my favourites..IRIEEE I !

Susan Beckwith

Best album I ever bought

Robert Peston

Massive tune from the Dr

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