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Brazilian Sugar
George Duke Lyrics

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oohs and ahs

Overall Meaning

The lyrics to George Duke's "Up From the Sea It Arose and Ate Rio in One Swift Bite" are mysterious and open to interpretation. The oohs and ahs in the song could represent the sounds of a rapidly approaching disaster or the stunned reactions of witnesses to the event. It could also be a metaphor for the sudden and unexpected way that life can be taken away, like a swift bite from a powerful force.

The name of the song itself is evocative, suggesting a primordial, monstrous force emerging from the depths of the sea to swallow a whole city. The lyrics are sparse, leaving much to the imagination of the listener, but the repeating refrain of oohs and ahs gives the song an ominous and unsettling tone. Perhaps it is a warning about the fragility of human civilization, and the potential for nature to overwhelm and destroy it in an instant.

Overall, "Up From the Sea It Arose and Ate Rio in One Swift Bite" is a haunting and thought-provoking piece of music that leaves a lasting impression on the listener.

Line by Line Meaning

oohs and ahs
Sounds of wonder and amazement, expressing the emotions of the listeners.

Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group, Downtown Music Publishing
Written by: GEORGE DUKE

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Comments from YouTube:


I am Brazilian, and I knew this song through the dead or alive beach, so when I listened to the first loops, I already knew it was some tribute about my land, when I went to research the album it talks about Brazil. This shows that the games are deep bring us a lot of knowledge, thanks george duke and weave for the tribute, I'm a Brazilian happy for this song




George Duke, I never knew that that song at the casino from DOA Extreme Beach Volley Ball was yours! You've done more and impacted more people than you'll probably ever know, and for this, I thank you!
Rest in peace, Duke!


+Gxyz222 i believe it was played in the casino c:


Omg DoA Xtreme 2 casino music 😂
My childhood...


My favorite song....In the world! 15 yrs old playing Spanish guitar....grooving to this tune in 1979! it stills plays in my head 40 yrs later. Whole Album is a masterpiece! Rest easy.....Maestro! Timeless! spiritual stuff!


Everytime I want to play poker/slots in DOAX2 I heard this song very good.


Wait, they put this same song in both DOAX and X2??! Legends


pound for pound, cut for cut, this LP SHOWS you what george had the ability to do. he brought together the best of the best and wrapped great songs around them and the result is one of the finests albums EVER. song after song, the music is great, sound is pure and the loving care in the production is TIMELESS! THIS album is in MY TOP FIVE, greatest pieces of music EVER produced. The entire album is not good....but exceptional! nuff said. george duke, my main man!


Roy,I could not agree more.When I heard this it blew me away.To think I was 18 and listenin to this genius.!

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