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Ratatat Lyrics

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their beats really aren't complicated its just the insane way they mix them that is complicated one sweet song from one incredible group and cool video too

Beartual Reality

Polyphia seems to have taken inspiration from RATATAT imo

RabidPlatypus l_l

Haven't heard this song in so damn long... Takes me back to simpler times

Linda Jane Keegan

I'm about to embark on a 100 mile hike up a mountain through Malaysian Jungle (literally taking a train into Malaysia in 1 hour) - and Ratatat is what I'm using to get myself pumped. I absolutely love this stuff.

Hubris Medusa

Sigh. How could anyone dislike this? Ratatat is the Awesomeness that holds my universe together. And this video is epic. Dying 'bad guys' from Predator made to dance to Ratatat's Tune? What more could I ask for?


THIS IS THE ONE!!!!!!!!!!!
I've been trying to find this for years. This feels so great. It's even better than I remembered.
Thank you Mitchell Davis, and thank you Ratatat ♥


this is possibly the best song i have ever heard in my life. I rarely have reactions like this to music, but i immediately turned off all my lights and closed my eyes just to enjoy this masterpiece

Vigormortis HS

I actually had a musical epiphany listening to this, like 6 years ago. Feel ya <3

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Nathan Belliveau

ratatat is so underrated ... they made the beat for a very popular song " pursuit of happiness " with mgmt and kid cudi .. i figured that would have got them into more songs with top artists.. but i havent seen it, and i'd love to hear ratatat on the radio.. all you need is for a good singer to sing over one of their songs, and its a top radio hit.


Ratatat was so sick when I saw them in Hollywood the other night. I'm definitely going to see these guys every time they tour around here.

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