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Why So Lonely
Wonder Girls Lyrics

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너와 입술이 닿을 때부터
모든 게 달라질 줄 알았는데
별거 없어 (oh), 넌 다른 게 없어 (뭐야?)
너와 보내는 주말 밤이
아주 달콤할 거라 믿었는데
별거 없어 (oh), 넌 다를 게 없어 (뭐야?)

영화에 나오는 예쁜 연인들처럼
그런 사랑을 원하는데

Baby, why I'm so lonely?
난 애타는데 넌 뭐니? (Whoa-uh-uh-uh)
Baby, no 내 마음이
언제 널 떠나버릴지 몰라
(Tell me why 뭐야?) 니 맘은 도대체
(뭐야?) 내가 얼마나 널 사랑하는데
이렇게 답답한 기분은 뭔데?

뭔가 콩깍지가 씌었는데
너도 나만큼 빠져야 하는데
너만 멋져 (oh), 내 마음만 다쳐 (뭐야?)
괜찮을 거라고 mind control
해도 예상 밖에 있는 내 남잔
Out of control (no) 잔소리만 넘쳐 (뭐야?)

알면 알수록 모르겠어, 맘이 왜 자꾸 외로워지는지
텅 빈 방 안에 혼자 갇혀버린 것 같아

Baby, why I'm so lonely?
난 애타는데 넌 뭐니? (Whoa-uh-uh-uh)
Baby, no 내 마음이
언제 널 떠나버릴지 몰라
(Tell me why 뭐야?) 니 맘은 도대체
(뭐야?) 내가 얼마나 널 사랑하는데
이렇게 답답한 기분은 뭔데?

I don't wanna talk about it (hey)
말하지 않아도 모두 다 알아 봐주길
아, 이건 내 그저 가벼운 바램일 뿐 (hah-ah)
니 귓가엔 그저 스치는 바람일 뿐
귀찮다는 듯 얼굴을 구겨, 뭐든 대충대충
당연하단 듯 너는 우겨, 담엔 더 잘해줄게
응? 다음이 어디 있어? 네 이번 기회 떠나기 전
오, 아직도 넌 정신 못 차리면 (뻥) 차기 직전

Baby, why I'm so lonely?
난 애타는데 넌 뭐니? (Whoa-uh-uh-uh)
Baby, no 내 마음이
언제 널 떠나버릴지 몰라
(Tell me why 뭐야?) 니 맘은 도대체
(뭐야?) 내가 얼마나 널 사랑하는데
이렇게 답답한 기분은 뭔데?

(뭐야?) 니 맘은 도대체
(뭐야?) 내가 얼마나 널 사랑하는데
이렇게 답답한 기분은 뭔데?

Overall Meaning

The lyrics to "Why So Lonely" by Wonder Girls seems to be about a one-sided love that's causing the singer to feel isolated and frustrated. The opening lines state that the singer believed everything would change from the moment their lips touched, but everything remains the same - the person she likes doesn't seem interested. The second verse is where we see her expressing her frustrations with wanting a love that's not reciprocated, and how she's left alone in an empty room with her feelings. The chorus questions why she's so lonely when she wants to be with someone so badly, and asks what's going through the other person's mind.

The song has an overall atmosphere of sadness and defeat - there's a feeling that the singer has tried everything she could to get the attention of the person she's in love with, but nothing has worked. This sentiment is reflected clearly in the bridge when she sings, "I don't wanna talk about it // 말하지 않아도 모두 다 알아 봐주길" - she's not willing to discuss her feelings anymore since it seems like everyone knows she's in love with someone who doesn't feel the same.

As with many K-pop songs, the lyrics to "Why So Lonely" are accompanied by upbeat music with a reggae-inspired beat. It's a contradiction that's common in the genre - the lyrics might be sad or depressing, but the music is cheerful and danceable. One interesting point to note is that "Why So Lonely" was the Wonder Girls' first self-composed song, a departure from their usual releases, which opens new creative doors for the group.

Line by Line Meaning

너와 입술이 닿을 때부터 모든 게 달라질 줄 알았는데
I thought everything would change once our lips touched.

별거 없어 넌 다른 게 없어
There's nothing special or different about you.

너와 보내는 주말 밤이 아주 달콤할 거라 믿었는데
I believed that spending weekend nights with you would be sweet and enjoyable.

어이없어 영화에 나오는 예쁜 연인들처럼
It's ridiculous to think that we will be like the pretty couples in the movies.

나나난난 그런 사랑을 원하는데
I want that kind of love where we both can be happy and in love.

Baby why I'm so lonely
Why do I feel so lonely, baby?

난 애타는데 넌 뭐니
I'm craving your love, but where are you?

Baby no 내 마음이 언제 널 떠나 버릴지 몰라
My heart may leave you at any moment, baby.

(Tell me why) 뭐야 니 맘은 도대체
Tell me, what is going on with your heart?

뭐야 내가 얼마나 널 사랑하는 데
How much do I have to love you for you to notice?

이렇게 답답한 기분은 뭔데
What is causing this frustrating feeling?

뭔가 콩깍지가 씌었는데
It feels like something is blocking us.

너도 나만큼 빠져야 하는데 너만 멋져
You should be in love as much as I am, but you are just cool.

내 마음만 다쳐
Only my heart hurts.

괜찮을 거라고 mind control
I keep telling myself that it's okay with mind control.

해도 예상 밖에 있는 내 남잔 out of control
But my guy isn't responding as I predicted; he's out of control.

잔소리만 넘쳐
It's just nagging overflowing.

어이없어 알면 알수록 모르겠어 맘이 왜 자꾸 외로워지는지
It's ridiculous; the more I know, the more I don't understand why my heart keeps feeling lonely.

나나난난 텅 빈 방안에 혼자 갇혀버린 것 같아
I feel like I'm trapped alone in an empty room.

I don't wanna talk about it
I don't want to talk about it.

말하지 않아도 모두 다 알아 봐주길
I hope everyone can understand even if I don't say anything.

아 이건 내 그저 가벼운 바램일 뿐
Oh, this is just my light wish.

귓가엔 그저 스치는 바람일 뿐
It's just a breeze whispering in my ear.

귀찮다는 듯 얼굴을 구겨 뭐든 대충대충
You look annoyed and crumple your face like it's a hassle, doing everything in a sloppy manner.

당연하단 듯 너는 우겨 담엔 더 잘해줄게 응?
You insist you will do better next time as if it's natural. Do you really think so?

다음이 어디 있어
Where is next?

네 이번 기회 떠나기 전
Before you seize the opportunity to leave.

오 아직도 넌 정신 못 차리면
Oh, if you still haven't come to your senses,

뻥 차기 직전
Just before bursting out in frustration.

뭐야 니 맘은 도대체
What is going on with your heart, really?

뭐야 내가 얼마나 널
How much do I have to

사랑하는 데
love you for you to notice?

이렇게 답답한 기분은 뭔데
What is causing this frustrating feeling?

Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
Written by: Ji Sang Hong, Yu Bin Kim, Hyerim Woo, Sunmi Lee

Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind
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Most interesting comments from YouTube:


これたぶんwonder girlsの最後のMVだよね。
wonder girlsって解散してもたくさんの人から愛されてるグループだと思う。
私はNiziUとかTWICEを好きになってwonder girlsを知ったから
この曲も中毒性半端ないし、nobodyとかtell meとかヒット曲を連発したよね。


YASSS to your comment!

not only that, but they also transitioned to being simply idols to take more control of their music. I guess we all feared for the group when the US adventure never took it to the next level and their Korean come backs were so little. But I must say, the two albums they dropped in Korea during those years, are my favourites, along with the last one, that settled a new chapter for them as a group and a band. I never lost hopes for Sun Mi to re-join if the group survived, but it was sad to let SoHee go, even if she wasn't much but the visual, she was my favourite. Sun Ye has never officially left, though, we never know if she could eventually come back with them if the group continues. But right now, it seems almost impossible, as she is focusing on her family.

I believe that the key the group survived this much is that they trained in a time when K-Pop was transitioning and fewer girl groups were known, plus the most popular ones were on their dawnfall at the time. That brought them pretty close, even with Hyunah, whom left soon after their debut. I still remember the letter one of them (I think that was Sun Mi) wrote to her after 4Minute's first TV stage went not that well as they had expected. It was really sweet, encouraging her and wishing her the best. These girls went through huge success from Tell Me to Nobody (including SO HOT) and the fact that back then the competition was mostly boy groups, I believe that made it easier to settle a situation for them to be closer and able to go through anything together.

But, with the years and the US adventure not getting them to International Stardom (but still guaranteeing them success in Korea whenever they came back), other factors became more important to some of the members. That is mostly the reason why Sun Ye and So Hee left, but also the one Ye Eun and Hyerim stayed.
Ye Eun's music flourished during the Dream High 2 days, when she started with her first solo song, and it kept growing to become HA:FELT almost at the same time Sun Mi got back to it with her solo debut. It was a nice surprise (although some of us anticipated that to happen because we wished it would) that Sun Mi re-joined the girls. I think that the fact that the Wonder Girls from now are all about experimenting and growing their music together is the key to the group sucessful re-vamp and come back. While the previous albums always pleased me (not just title tracks), the ones they are doing now aren't just as good, but also have their own signature, which guarantees the group's next two or three years, at least, when their 2009 hubbaes are starting to crumble.

The way they are also maturing is nice, they haven't dropped the image and concepts factors that are the signature of nowadays K-Pop, but their music and style is aiming at an audience that has grown with them.

I am glad that, at still, they managed to stay like this. I do miss Sun Ye's presence and voice the most, but the groups is still solid, something I cannot say about Miss A, whom I am trully mourning because I really liked them as a whole.

Wonder Girls were the group that finally got me into K-Pop. I knew it before, and followed it from afar, but I was never enough interested into it as I was with J-Pop or UK Pop. Not until them. It's a relief they can still come back like this.


I MISS 2NE1 😢❤
I MISS F (X) 😢❤
I MISS 15&😢❤


Thanks Wonder Girls for your work hard in 10 years of your career!!

1) Wonder Girls debut in 2007

2) The original member was: Sunye, Sunmi, Sohee, Hyuna and Yenny

3) 'So Hot' era was their very first win

4) 'Best New Female Artist' at MAMA 2007

5) 2008 - comeback with 'Tell Me' and got popular because of Sohee 'Omona'

6) still the same year (2008) 'Nobody' song was The National Anthem of K-pop and Worldwide, US Debut, US Tour Concert + got daesang Song of The Year at MAMA 2008

7) their debut era Hyuna was sick and replace by Yubin as a rapper too
8) 2010 - Sunmi left the group because she want to focus on her study and replace by Hyelim as a sub vocal

9) 2011 - comeback with a super powerful song called 'Be My Baby' got triple crown at Mcoutdown and Inkigayo

10) 2012 - Korean comeback with 'Like This' song and American comeback with 'DJ is Mine'

11) 2013 - Sunye's Married at Januari 2013, Sunmi solo debut with '24hours'
12) 2014 - Summer comeback with 'Full Moon' , Sohee left Wonder Girls and JYP, Yenny solo debut
13) 2014 - Yubin, Yenny and Hyelim still in Wonder Girls

14) 2015 - Sunmi re-debut with Wonder Girls and comeback as a band concept with 'I Feel You' and got an All-Kill + Yubin appears as a contestant in Unpretty Rapstar 2

15) 2016 - Hyelim duet with Bernard Park for JYP Project song, comeback with 'Why So Lonely', the song got Perfect All Kill for the first time since debut, and got the trophy for the first time since 2012

16) Wonder Girls disbanded

and also their hit song are:
1) Irony
2) So Hot
3) Tell Me (No one can beat this 8weeks of Hit Roof in Melon)
4) Nobody
5) Be My Baby
6) Why So Lonely

Going haitus for 3 years and comeback as a band was very smart idea! I feel bad for Wonder girls for not having their manager in 2016, TF JYP do? what are they thinking? and now the only girlgroup I stand is miss A? tf. I feel so lonely because I feel miss A would disbandedand too~


Actually you got the order of some things mixed up, this is the correct order:

1) Wonder Girls debuted with "Irony" (Feb 2007) (Original members: Sunye, Ye Eun, Sunmi, Sohee, Hyuna)
2) Hyuna left the group because of her weakening health (July 2007)
3) Wonder Girls then released, "Tell Me" with Yubin as the new rapper, this was their first win (Sept 2007)
4) Wonder Girls released their third single "So Hot" (May 2008)
5) Wonder Girls took a short break and came back with "Nobody" (Sept 2008)
6) "Nobody" was such a hit that they broke into the U.S and Chinese market with that song as well (2009)

PS: You totally forgot to mention about them releasing 2 Different Tears in 2010

All comments from YouTube:


wonder girls are the only kpop group to win a trophy after disbandment


IOI? :)


Terence Eisen we all know ioi will disband.


T-ara too.


I agree that. Because they made very successful comeback after hard time. That band concept made good songs until their disband.


One girl stand out to siren.noir

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2019 and literally no other group was able to hit these retro aesthetic as good as Wondergirls had done. dammit.




@@firstcarolina no


day6 were pretty good imo but wonder girls are still legendary

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