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Ebo Taylor Lyrics

Minba ee (Yeeiii)

Hwa na ɔbɔɔ heaven (Heaven)
Heaven bekum senyi (sekyi)
Senyi na ɔma adom (Adom)
Adom tutu benya (Benya)
Benya dasma prɔye (Prɔye)
Prɔye bekum dɛnkyɛm (Dɛnkyɛm)
Dɛnkyɛm koo akyɛ (Akyɛ)
Akyɛ bante akɔ (Akɔ)
Akɔ kɔɔ ngongo (gɔɔn)
Edua da hɔ so eebu (Pein pein pein pein pein)

Writer(s): Ebo Taylor

Contributed by Charlie T. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

Bill Silcott

I'm so glad I found this music. I hope its popularity grows exponentially! !!😄

Kamil Ziom


Kazukito PES

It is.

raul ortiz

Ebo Taylor  I'm glad I found you in my life. You are there with Fela Kuti as being as one of my favorites. I heard 2 songs so far you and now I'm hooked. Yes this shit works for me. It is pure diarrhea and I love it.

Africana Yasmin

Fela took the genre of afrobeats to Nigeria and popular use it there and they are claiming fela created afri beats. Thus type of music was in existence before ghana gained independence in the 50's


@norakat exactly


raul ortiz - what a way to describe it 🙄.. actually Fela learned under him.



Truth Seeker

I'm discovering all these amazing, beautiful African music that remain obscure here in the west. I'm searching for more gems.

Lerato Masentle Mogajane

I love Afrobeat music 🎶 🎵

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