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Chord Left
by Agnes Obel

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Julia July

Agnes' songs are like "Twin Peaks" soundrack
Someone hears sadness
Someone hears beauty and calmness
Someone hears violence
I'm the one who hears it all

Justyna H.

You captured the mood perfectly :)

Bill Blair

Wow! Now that you've said that, so do I... but I never would have without your insightful comment.

Daniel Cruz

From the sadness to the happiness

draftee the White Trash Faggot

Velup Kanzamott Of course you should.


one time i was having a panic attack and this song came on spotify and i just closed my eyes and imagined i was on a train during a rainy day and it made me feel so much better


Here ya go:

Stacey Martinez

@slot69me too

Stacey Martinez



Perfect. Only wish it was about 10 minutes long.

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