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So You'll Aim Toward the Sky
Grandaddy Lyrics

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So you'll aim toward the sky
And you'll rise high today
Fly away
Far away
Far from pain

Overall Meaning

The song "So You'll Aim Toward The Sky" by Grandaddy is a touching piece that reflects on the challenges of life and the need to aim higher in order to overcome them. The lyrics suggest that in order to rise above our pain, we must set our sights on something greater and be willing to fly away from the things that hold us back.

The symbolism of aiming toward the sky can be interpreted in many different ways, but at its core, it represents a desire to achieve something greater than oneself. The song suggests that each person has the ability to rise above their circumstances, but it takes a willingness to take flight and leave behind the things that are weighing us down.

Ultimately, "So You'll Aim Toward The Sky" is a song about hope and perseverance. It offers a message of encouragement to those who are struggling and reminds us that even when things seem impossible, we have the strength within us to rise above them and soar to new heights.

Line by Line Meaning

So you'll aim toward the sky
Set your sights upward and aspire for greatness

And you'll rise high today
You'll achieve success today and reach new heights

Fly away
Leave your troubles behind and embrace freedom

Far away
Distance yourself from negative influences and find peace

Far from pain
Escape the hardships of life and find tranquility

Written by: JASON LYTLE

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Comments from YouTube:

Filip Grünseich

The guitar at the beginning is impeccable.



Contate algo

For many years i had this song incluided in a tape of Radiohead b-side songs. I never suspect that belongs an another great band called grandaddy. I love it!

Paul Harrison

Same brother, unbelievable

Raven Song

I came across this song downloading Radiohead b-sides from eMule around 2004-2006. Looks like it was a clever promotion trick back then.

BTW, I left it in the compilation since it fit quite well with the rest of the songs!


Same here, 20 years later lol

Samir Berardo

Same here! 20 years!


Another mp3 pirate from 20 years ago checking in. Was wondering why I knew exactly when the beeps in the intro started, and then all the lyrics!

Perry Rodent

The „Good Luck“ sample followed by that soft „Thank you“ always melts me into a puddle.


This will never get old, it is so good!

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