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System of a Down Lyrics

Damn you
Stay away from me
I got a disease
Everyone is sleeping

Fuck you
For putting hate in me
For putting faith in me
Everyone is sleeping

Everyone is sleeping
Everyone is sleeping
Everyone is sleeping

Contributed by Gabriella L. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

Politicaldonkey gaming

Wow this song is actualy really good

Ricardo Zazueta

@B Toff that's what I always think when pretentious people, who are not professional musicians, criticises music.

B Toff

Toby you're right, you and your Multi Platinum band should go do that.
Oh wait...

No No

Toby Young check the live versions they played after snowblind. It’s pretty good

Toby Young

Politicaldonkey gaming Near the end instead of slowly fading the music away, I would change the guitar tone to clean, add some drums, let the bass play something else instead of one note per bar and give Serj the lead on vocals keeping the same tempo and feel just, let's say, "evolve" the song, if you know what I mean. Then the song would be "album worthy" (again) if you know what I mean.

PC-g payaming

Great job uploading all the hard to find SOAD songs in really good quality (tho you're missing some:)). Really great job, have downloaded all SOAD songs you've uploaded. Really appreciate all the work you put in.


No problem, but the only thing I did was find them online and post them here. Real credit goes to the one who ripped the tapes, whoever they are


I thought I'd heard all the unreleased songs, then I found this

Brian Self

Reminds me of deftones. This is awesome

Shimi Shimi

My favorite band.

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