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procrastination way
The Polar Bear Project Lyrics

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Andrei Androfski

Jim deserves credit for this. The whole idea would have failed, but he united them for the sake of a common goal, and it actually worked

The Mischeivous Spiritomb

@Beetle Nut the chicken and the egg is a paradox, there is no answer.


@Beetle Nut ??, Your argument still doesn't support the fact that all the credit should go to Andy

Beetle Nut

@LewanBroski this debate is like which came first chicken or egg, the answer is chicken and Andy is the chicken here.


@Beetle Nut yeah, it was Andys idea no one's taking that credit away but Jim deserves some credit because if he didn't make Andy up the antee of the prizes no one would've gotten involved. Infact I'd argue Jim deserves more credit because later on in this episode he lets Andy take the credit to make him feel better

Beetle Nut

@LewanBroski but he couldn't have pushed the incentive if Andy hadn't started it.

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You know its serious when Creed, Kevin and Stanley are being productive


I couldnt spot Kevin, but Id imagine focused on typing in numbers while eating

Creed Bratton

We did a lot of work at the dog food factory that day

Leonard Soyza

It is only when Stanley moves....does the world revolve on its axis

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