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Nice Boys

Ain't it just so easy to say
You don't feel the same way
As that Nice Boy does, hey?

He misses you, he wants you
But, you just don't feel the same
Why don't you tell him today?

She doesn't want him because he cares too much
But now he's gone and she's alone again
Maybe if she tried a little harder to find
The gem within his heart that was there this whole time

Baby, what did I do?
Baby come through
To me
Baby I think it's you
Never was me

Contributed by Juliana M. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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on Numbers

For me the song kinda ‚reflects' my life. Even though i don't " really know whats meant with ,these numbers arent going straight up' maybe money is meant with it. Yet i can refer to to the money and not wanting to go to school part. Aswell as the nice parents part. Also i recently got a boyfriend with who everything just feels so unique. Kissing, cuddling, even holding hands makes me feel so secure. He makes me feel secure, in every way vou can feel secure. He makes me feel good about my goofy laugh or my voice cracks. We laugh so much together i can't describe the feeling that i have with him. I don't know if i can call it love yet but i think love is going to be the ending of the story. I really hope he's the one for me. Im going to meet his family soon. Im a bit afraid lol.

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