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Daft Punk Lyrics


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Absolutely one of the most underrated movies of all-time. The soundtrack, the visuals, the VIBE. oh my God the vibe of this movie is insane. I can't find it anywhere else, it's completely unique.

Tommy Ouyamico

And if you haven't seen it in 3d holy moly they did a great job , layers transparencies, crazy stuff, and it was only 3d when they were in the digital world

Samuel Othino

Creativity perfect 👌



The smoker

hi, is not underatter, is for chilndren and teeager to see..

Tears Of Scarlet

Jeff Bridges made this movie great and the reason why pple don't like the movie cuz they are closed minded. They don't see past their own vanity to see how amazing these movies are. It's like bashing on ready player one. Not gonna happen. The song has a soul of itself n it's heavenly

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UnknowNgaminG 14

Why didnt anyone like this movie. It was amazing. And almost 10 years later the effects are for the most part great.

Tyler Engelke

@Robert Shaw Uncanny valley is kinda the point though. Clu wasn't and isn't human. He's a digitized copy of a man at the height of his ambition, and he doesn't change or age like the original did.



Art Curious

why ? because the world has changed drastically and Tron not only has to compete with films like Inception, the Matrix, and Avatar but also the reality of everyday sci-tech headlines. special effects and music is not good enough, it takes something special to capture the zeitgeist of an era. then to screen write it before it vanishes.

otherwise you get caught either trying to capture nostalgia or ruining a good idea. the mass public isnt interested in either category. but devoted fans will enjoy the product.

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