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Secret Girl
Sonic Youth Lyrics

My mother used to say
You're the boy that can enjoy invisibility
I'm the boy that can enjoy invisibility
Close your eyes make a wish

Cross yourself
See yourself
Feel yourself
Scream once more
Move yourself
Across the floor
Burn inside

Between two walls
The advertisements say
The pleasure's ever lasting

Come an' touch me
The advertisements say
The pleasure's ever lasting
Must be dead and gone to heaven
Come and touch me here

So I know
That I'm
Not there

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Comments from YouTube:


Esta canción viene de otra dimensión ❤

Rene Itah

Kim was the soul of the band


"Made in USA" brought me here, for the third time.


@Seeking A Great Perhaps it truly captured the 80's. the depressive nature or it, the alienation. history is sugarcoated for mass consumption. its a brutal film. definitely 80's realism. but i do love John Hughes films too! but "Made in the USA" was an art film, compared to Hughes's work.


YES it makes me MAD! the film really captured alienation and despair in the U.S., especially right at that place in time. There are films that you remember, but then there are films that  you are attached to emotionally, like this one. Sonic Youth recorded all of the songs, just for the film, but you probably already knew that! they released it on an album,"Made in the USA", in 1995.


Strange how few comments this have. I always wondered about the connection between the text, which is about a boy, and the title, which is about a girl. Is the boy talking to "the secret girl" when asking to come and touch him?

Simon D

The line "I am the boy That can enjoy Invisibility" is in James Joyce's Ulysses.

Nova Super Gamers

suddyaft I always thought this song was about being a transgender boy.

Andrei Shiva

Song of my life, just discovered that this songs is exactly what i used to be in elementary school...... wow, kinda... i dont know... cool.... and, sad, not sure.


Sonic Youth such a talented band that throws this stuff out there, but then could have done so much more

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