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I Wanna Boi

i wanna boi to keep the bed warm while i shower
i wanna boi to keep the bed warm while we're watching tv
i wanna boi to keep the bed warm
while the whole house is freezing
i wanna boi who isn't anything like me
i wanna boi who doesn't like to go out shopping
i wanna boi who thinks it's sexy when my lipstick bleeds
i wanna boi who can go all night without stopping
i wanna boi who knows exactly what he needs
so if you think that you're the boi for me and i'm the boi for you
drop me a line at
tell me a little bit about yourself and send a picture or two
and hurry up now, because it's only getting colder

Contributed by Keira G. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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oh to live in an alternate reality where all the good things aren’t problematic and abusive

Auzumi Ma


domo nation

The only thing problematic was the false allegations by a disgusting person.


@nat van Yeah I met them once in Ohio even got a hug and chatted a bit at the bar.

nat van

@BagOnTucks I never heard anything proven or close hut it seems thier down

Sad when when this song and ther stuff helped me come to terms woth me


Wasn't that just a rumor though with no evidence?

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Finn Beall

I'm a gay trans man and I sing this to my boyfriend all the time especially the "so if you think that you're the boy for me, and I'm the boy for you" part. He always replies "You are." And then we kiss to the rest of the song. This song puts me in so many moods

Phaedra Tunney

Keep it 2 urself

Wildpineapple 77

@skippitybipbop OUTTA POCKET

Finn Beall

@skippitybipbop good :)

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