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Sanctus: Nelson Mass
Franz Joseph Haydn Lyrics

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Elaine Blackhurst

Kevin Brown
The general level of historical knowledge in England is appalling, as evidenced by almost any TV quiz programme that risks asking even the simplest question in this subject area.

That said, for anyone with any sort of historical understanding, Nelson’s place on his plinth is fully justified.
By a series of brilliant naval victories, culminating most spectacularly at Trafalgar in 1805, Nelson averted the greatest threat to the invasion of Britain and the country’s independence between that of the Spanish Armada in 1588, and the German Luftwaffe in 1940.

By dealing a series of crippling blows to Napoleon at sea, Nelson made any French invasion plan impossible, in a way comparable to the RAF defeating the Luftwaffe in 1940, thus preventing Britain falling under the Nazi yoke like most of the rest of Europe.

You’re quite right, he is well worthy of the highest praise; an astonishing commander and leader.

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Jean Ghika

La messe est intitulée "Missa in angustiis". Rien à voir avec Nelson. Heureusement pour l'amiral borgne on l'a jouée lors d'une de la visite de la flotte anglaise à Napoli.

Michael Lim

From the ear-pleasing quality of this recording, I surmise this to be done on a tube tape recorder in the early 60's. Theres hardly distortion on climaxes by the soprano and chorus, with bottom-end dynamic range which puts it in the results achieved by tube Telefunken or Studer recorders. Decca recordings of the day somehow cant attain this auric pleasantness, being unnaturally peaky and lack of "air", which this has.

marlys pulos

I sang this once years ago and long to sing it again before I leave this world!! I love it!!!

Morag MacGregor

I have loved this mass ever since I sang it 40 years ago. Alto, not a soloist, and I’m astonished at how much I still remember.

Chris Sirois

Thank you for putting the specific times for each piece.

Zdzdzdzd Zdzdzdzd

love this so many beatiful pieces got underrated it is sad

Éva Bencze

This music touch my soul! What an amazing rendition!Thank you!

Keith Wilks

It sooo is Thank you, I will be singing this next Easter and can't wait! :)

Minewheels gaming

Have just sung this at three concerts in Burgundy after singing at the International Service at Notre Dame

Daisy Maher

That is awesome, I'm doing this in three weeks in Creemore, Ontario :)

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