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Daft Punk Lyrics


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It's impressive that you can listen to Daft Punk in a cheap-ass speaker and it will sound damn good, however if you spend the money on some high-end stuff it's like discovering an entire new universe of sounds.

Cool Man

let’s relax on all that

Kernal Lingus

ha, yeah!

Adrianus Ga Ri

Amen bro

Frantz Barosy

@CDom No. It's the wizardry of the late Nilesh 'Nilz' Patel, the mastering engineer of the album.

Braden Alder

They did that on purpose its actually how they got there record deal back in the day

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Yo Boi Roy -_-

the key of french house is that when you first hear it,it usually starts with a normal beat and a continous sample which first sounds annoying and lazy,but when you dive in the song,that is where the best part of the song is.

rote unke

I think that's the key to electronic music in general. You'll have to go deep to understand.

James Field

The melody is insane so many layers

Yo Boi Roy -_-

@NostalgiCrazy thx

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