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King Crimson Lyrics


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Pucci, the priest, is sitting next to a road, with a single car. He is confused as to what happened, and who that... man was. Why is he here? Was it that person's stand? Pucci has many questions, but what he does know is that the man had a powerful stand, as he was able to effortlessly avoid his attacks, even in accelerated time. But his confusion only grows when he sees...

Jolyne! But how?! He killed her and her father Jotaro! He exterminated the Joestars!

Pucci pushes back his questions and attempts to analyze the situation. Jolyne is with Anasui, and they are getting ready to get back in their car. Pucci realizes that he can just kill the Joestars again if he has to. He uses Made in Heaven to move behind Jolyne. Interestingly, neither her nor Anasui notice his presence.

But it matters not.

"Die, Joestar!" Pucci exclaims as he delivers a chop meant to splice Jolyne in half, but the attack just goes right through her, and has no effect.

"WHAT?!" Pucci yells. Jolyne gets in the car, with Anasui, both completely oblivious to Pucci and his attempt to kill Jolyne. They drive off, not knowing he was even there.

"NO! YOU WON'T GET AWAY, JOESTAR FILTH!" Pucci screams, and attempts to chase after them, but he is stopped by a figure.

It's the man! The mysterious figure he was fighting earlier! He simply stands there, blocking his path.

"STEP ASIDE!" Pucci yells, attempting to attack the man with his stand. But just like with Jolyne, the attacks phase through him.


The man brings out his stand, and speaks through it instead of talking with his own mouth.

"This is my ability. You were a threat to this universe, a threat that had to be removed. So I have done that. Your impact on this world, your very identity, has been erased. Every action that you ever have or will perform is meaningless."

Pucci slowly comes to the realization of what has happened to him. He is a ghost, no, not even a ghost. He has no identity, no impact on the world around him.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Pucci wails over, and over, knowing that no one will hear him, but knowing not what else to do.

The man's stand hovers over him, a blank, emotionless look on it's face.

"You are nothing." The man continues to speak through his stand. "And that is all you will ever be, for the rest of your existence. Your actions mean nothing. You have no choice but to wander for all of existence, with no one capable of forming a single memory of you."

The man turns and walks away, but before he leaves, he talks for the first time out of his own mouth.

"Sing a song of sorrow, in a world where you are truly alone."

Part 6


William Susanto

Heaven DIO: NANI?! How can you move through the time I erased?! This is Over Heaven!
Diavolo: This is... Requiem. I can see and control all of time... Past... Present... Future! I shall be the king, just as fate chose me! And DIO... YOU’RE DONE FOR!
Heaven DIO: Then I guess I have no choice but to eliminate you, for my truth shall prevail!
Diavolo: We’ll see about that!
Heaven DIO: (It really shames me to do this... but I’ll have to use “that”!)
Diavolo: NANI?! Where did he— ABSOLUTE EPITAPH! Crap! Is that— (I can see it... he’s dropping...!)

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So essentially... "The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didnt exist".

Abdullah Shazad

Diavolo actually means devil in a certain language

Tiku Villanueva

Still deflects


@Christians For Pewdiepie its diavolos name translated but yeah it is a big bruh moment

Radiyas 13

HA! I'm watching The Usual Suspects right now!!


Diavolo means Devil tho

71 More Replies...

James Jordan

King Crimson would get a third face on his forehead


O H M Y G O D!!!


Wrong, epitaph would have 394 more epitaphs.


I can confirm

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