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Chrono Cross Molding of Destinies OC ReMix
by Russell Cox

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Comments from YouTube:

Thiago Ribeiro

I remember listening to this many years before Youtube existed. It's incredible to hear it again! Schala theme is really something.

Nathanael Newton

OH YEA, Way back in 2003 :D

TriForce Pianist

same here! ocremix exist from 1999, youtube started in 2005

OverClocked ReMix: Video Game Music Community

It's both. We only assign one primary game in our database though, and Chrono Cross is that game for this one!


This is how the Chrono music was meant to sound. Russell has brought something truly wonderful together here: It's a very fluid medley of sources that evokes emotion without being overbearing. The samples are immaculate by 2002's standards and still sound great today.

Id C

Man I spent 20 minutes looking for this. It kept coming up from my dreams the past few days for some reason. Remember listening to this all the time back when I used to visit the original website.


Brilliant from just the first few seconds.

Sam Hutchinson

This is one of the best songs ever. Its just perfect.


Oh my God, this is beautiful.

Adam S.

If you could get to Zeal in Chrono Cross, well, you now know what could you hear ;)

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