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Collapse Generation
Arcturus Lyrics

Time is on trial

Generation and collapse
inside the space of things

Series of inertia
A trial and a time


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Comments from YouTube:


I love Hellhammer's drumming. He is a God among men.

Roy Batty

Hellhammer is one of those insane drummers that if you heard him but didn't know him you'd think they were using a drum machine lol

Kaz Crowley

I absolutly love this band. There should be more like it. If there are, I want to know their names lol Gotta say, It's so NICE to see so many INTELLIGENT people who are respecting each others comments and being friends =) The way the world should be Go on any other vid and it's like 'Your mum, this band suxxx111!!@!!' 'Awh what ya chattin' bout boi, fight me' So yeah, hi5 to everyone here =)

I want to be a pirate!

This is exactly the sound I expect from Andromeda's collision on the Milky Way.

Kristof Kristoff

very good stuff... i give them a 10/10


Amazing song! Arcturus rules!


Amazing song, incredible band.

Thalita Costa

Banda atemporal
Melhor do planeta, quem discorda, ouviu errado!

Hunt season

Realmente, é me faz lembrar da época de escola, quando usava o discman para escutar durante o trajeto. Rsrs

Co D. Wltn

I like how this video is so old that the description links to Arcturus's MySpace

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