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Emancipator Lyrics

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Katherine Spicer

Close your eyes and go wherever it takes you. I love you

Cid Sapient

this track is amazingly great
every time i hear it i wanna hear it more
gotta be careful not to burn this one out too fast


damn this guy is good, both his albums are unbelievable

Dr. David Banner F.E.S.

I feel like I am in a GIANT room a thousand years wide perfectly flat and level. And I can dance in total freedom and go skipping across the floor sliding pausing turning jumping landing springing back up hands waving saying my gosh this is amazing.


:'( so good


an angry panther :D... cool!!


that part... 2:48 ... it gets me everytime <3


This is friggen pretty! I just wish it was 3 times longer! >.<

Ewa nikt

Super , super , super ! wonderfull melody ! bravissimo !!!


i need that album!!!! GREAT STUFF

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