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Physics Of a Unicycle

orville and wilbur
cold cut
the anchor's from their ankles,
propellers from whale fins
in the back of a bicycle shop...
and thus begins the tale
of the thumb trigger
cloud kill.

at last the wright's reinvented
the horse with wings,
another invention
only fit for a mannequin.

early time machine's
will have tended to leave you
left screaming
on a dinosaur's dish.

in da vinci's 'bike accident',
an outerspace whodunit?
monkeys play magellan
as the next ex-edison,
standing out
in the crowd
with a unicycle.

physics of a unicycle...
twice the remarkable.

Contributed by Makayla O. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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how does this only have 209 views? this song has been a favorite of mine since middle school. the switchups were so great and still are to me. the way it breaks down around 2 minutes in is so damn ill


Their albums are 2 masterpieces, thank you cLOUDDEAD, I don't even know how they did this, support them and never forgive what they did, let's keep their tracks precious.


My favourite track of the album! Thanks for adding the lyrics!

Bryan Haile

My god this is Great. Re-listening. Cannot believe there are so little views.

jelly belly

These guys are great


WOW Amazing song


<3 hell yeah this is far out

Jenelle Marshall

oh ive been looking for this FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!! thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou!!!!




hoooly shit

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