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Movin' at Midnight
Sir Julian Lyrics

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You Only Live Twice/Thunderball You only live twice, or so it seems One life for…

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Comments from YouTube:


A fantastic piece from a very talented musician. These albums are exceedingly rare and difficult to come by, thanks for posting.


His son Billy was in my elementary school class and used to bring has dad's albums in to school for our teacher to play. Fun times! Thanks for the memories, Billy!


That's so fun! Classmates with musician parents were the best.


What I really like is how he makes the Hammond vocalize like an owl. Wildlife can inspire music, but it is very hard to emulate it well enough for it's inspirations to be recognizable and still be accoustically aesthetic. This song truly epitomizes the hammond-lounge sub-genre dominated by Julian Gould, Martin Denny, Denny McLain. Like most of Julian Gould's albums, this LP is incredibly rare.






zzzzzzero hour


I'm not hearing any owlish sounds. What am I misiing?

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