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Losing You to You
Hammock Lyrics

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post rock is my secret from this world

Joshua Stein

Nice comments. To me, as a father of two amazing boys, this song makes me think of the inevitability of them growing up and gradually becoming more and more independent. They will become established as their own person. They will become who they will become, and I will slowly lose the sweet, silly toddlers to the great men that they will become.

Ancestros del sol

Well said man..

John Fitzgerald

get a grip

Dealo Marilla

Joshua Stein love the comment. I know it was posted 4 years ago. But I feel what ur saying as I too had thoughts of getting older and wonder what will become of the legacy I will leave behind. I’m 44 and think of the knowledge I’ve poured into my children. Praying that they carry those traditions and values that I have laid out before them when I become to old to carry. This music just makes my mind drift there, but in a good way. One that we all one day must face, and I sit back and smile. Knowing that did right but then and gave them the tools to carry on. Love this song.


Dude c'mon man

Ron Trini

This melody is not only about death or scape to another galaxy, is about everynodys life and great moments lived in it, growing up, having the first love and kiss, all those things that contribute to make the individual you are now, thats what I think is this song about but I also respect every bodys opinion, bottom line is that this melody is just beautiful.

Casey Buckler

"Out of the abundance of a man's heart he speaks"


and as i lay crying over my dead body i knew in that moment my pain was finally over. no more hurting others, nothing i was at peace.. as my soul left the world i said goodbye for the last time.

Litivious Spartus

But what if you are just dead....

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