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Hawaiian War Chant
Tommy Dorsey Lyrics

There's a sunny little funny little melody
That was started by a native down in Waikiki
He would gather a crowd down beside the sea
And they'd play his gay Hawaiian chant
Soon the other little natives started singin' it
And the hula hula maidens started swingin' it
Like a tropical storm that's the way it hit
Funny little gay Hawaiian Chant
Ow way tah tualan Me big bad fightin' man
Tho it started on an island down Hawaii way
It's as popular in Tennessee or Ioway
If you wander into any cabaret
You will hear this gay Hawaiian Chant

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Most interesting comment from YouTube:

Esmee Phillips

@djangorheinhardt Shaw's problem was that half of him did not even want to be a musician. He spent more than half his life purporting to be writing a great novel- like Truman Capote, only for longer.

I agree that, as Duke said, there are only two kinds of music: good and bad; though for my money his pre-Strayhorn stuff is preferable to the later suites and 'sacred concerts'. I rank him second only to Gershwin, who to my mind tops all American composers for his ability to move forward on all frontss. He could move effortlessly from, say, the storm sequence in 'Porgy' to Hollywood scores with songs such as 'They Can't Take That Away From Me'. Gershwin's premature death is the gravest blow music endured in the 20th century.

As it happens I just wrote a YT comment on Woody Herman's recording of Stravinsky's Ebony Concerto (1945) which touches on crossovers. No doubt you know Debussy wrote 'Golliwog's Cake Walk' back in 1908. Ravel was fascinated by jazz. Yet on the whole impetus to fusion between dance halls and Carnegie Hall was lost after Gershwin died. Composers who had experimented with jazz when young, such as Honegger, Krenek and Constant Lambert, drifted away.

Never mind, we'll always have the Songbook, which I have come to think of in conjunction with Hollywood's Golden Era of musicals as the USA's greatest artistic achievement.

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Moldy Oldie

According to a family friend, when Ziggy lived in a NYC apartment during the 1940s, people would stand outside listening to Ziggy practice and applaud him.

Chris Morfas

Makes ya think our parents and grandparents had a point about their music being pretty good, too.

todd long

Every Generation has Talent ...

Jim F

It was GREAT!


Dorsey and Rich are complete musical animals.

Cary Cotterman

@RoryVanucchi Elman was a trumpet god! Overwhelming technique and power!


Don forget Ziggy Elman


Something we can never fault the US on is the amount of talent that has come from this once great country and has inspired thousands. A melting pot of many cultures.

Neal Sausen

@Jim F ; meaning?!

Jim F

You're such a dip.

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