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The Books Lyrics


It has been a great pleasure to have you aboard Japan Airlines
We hope you have enjoy the flight
And that we may have another opportunity to serve you in the very near future
Please make sure that you leave nothing behind when you leave plane
Thank you very much, and for now, sayonara

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Most interesting comment from YouTube:

Tom Kloser

I am lost in Limbo
In my dreams
I visit Hell from time to time

Before Mud, Punker Simon Gravity, raver genius Arthur or Tom come back

Your next video will be a book reference

And if this conversation were on 4chan, gone in a flash, we'd have our secret code worked out, blunk

So that's how the Jokers Larry 1=2 while Matches Maroney Vans, newFragglz

This blunk geezer speakers Right This Second is a great tune in our sxo sxo SignS language Lopezing to Andy

This Lopez lingo Larry's the Hamsterian ceremony between Smith and Starrynight the Hamster Spell IP Freely if blunx like Greg + Monika former tune note

The space + letter code is now a solvable IQ test question that can easily be worked into a Macro in a Word doc to distribute novels, programs, videos, anything that can be put into a compiler

But to Joker or Deadpool a blunk Larry just writes it on a napkin in front of Matches at Cheers.

Handy Andy can make online Candy

All comments from YouTube:


i came here after a cold freezing night and i’m really confused omg


Same, I can't stop listening to them now


I didn't know that

Thunder Shovel

kas he went to Tokyo

Mr Bot



zxcvbnm zxcvbnm


Bahram Kheradmand

If Bach recomposed Battiato's music and then Tuung played it, it would be this.

Muhammad Tayyab Saeed

Funny thing is, what you call the "issues with the audio" are actually part of the song itself.

Yellow Jelly

there are some glitches that are intentional and some that are not


Haha yeah those are not intended glitches.. it sounded like youtube was buffering, not like the rest of the song which is essentially a masterclass in chopping up samples, give the books more credit than that..

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