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Far Back in the Mists
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Captain Obvious. • 29 years ago

@The ARK "did I ever tell about the time I got tongue cancer?"

"Really? How did you survive?

"They fucking nuked my head, it was pretty cool ngl"

"That sound kinda dangerous"

"Nah it was fine, it also cured my cancer so that was pretty cool"

Gregory Parrott

@tom lucas Neither you nor I are qualified to post-judge the merits for why the military had 4000 B-29 built. But several factors are clear.
1) Until near the end of the war, bombers were being shot down by both antiaircraft and the Luftwaffe to such extent that air crew had one of the highest mortality rates. Between craft lost and those damaged, out of service while being repaired, there was a steady need for replacement.
2) The weapons of war evolve. Just as the Germans were developing jet fighters, the allies needed a more advanced bomber both for Europe, and especially for war against Japan. Prior to the atomic bomb, the biggest raids over Tokyo involved well over 300 bombers in a single mission.
3) Other than perhaps Curtis LeMay, none of those fighting the Japanese knew of the Manhattan Project or of an atomic weapons development. Even then, neither LeMay nor the scientists knew it would work until after the first test.
Given Japan's absolute resolve to fight on, the plan was for a land invasion of Japan. Casualty estimates were ~750,000. Consequently, LeMay had plans to build thousands MORE B-29 in preparation for the land invasion.

Yes, most of the weapons of war were scrapped AFTER war's end. Keeping them maintained and functional would be expensive, and if no need is foreseen, yes they should be scrapped. But that has ZERO relevance to their need DURING the war.

Fundamentally, your subjective assessment does not address these reasons why the military would advocate for more bombers against such a resolute adversary. The term 'overwhelming force' prevails in military parlance.

Wizzy No 1

@Trusted EXODUS only if you consider it a crime. An average of 40,000 people died every day in the second world war, most of them civilians.

This was just another way of killing people, no more or less criminal than bullets or gas or starvation or bayonet or flames or disease or torture.

The japanese killed about 6 million chinese civilians. They were no less dead than the civilians in Hiroshima.

The second world war was awful. All of it. But for some reason people think that the atomic bombs were especially bad. I've never understood that.

You're obviously allowed your OPINION, but thats all it is, your opinion.

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Not to many of these guys are alive now..but I am glad that the history of this weapon can be explained by the people who made it

Kye Trenton

dont know if anyone gives a damn but yesterday I hacked my friends Instagram password using InstaPwn. Cant link here so search for it on google :D

Sora chan

"I did not understood anythin"

Liam Bates

@Donald Johnson gvdc f kdi

70s Tunes

Some of us are still kicking around that worked on them in modern times :-)

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Whatsina Name

47:32 That's my dad. He was in the photography unit. He's wearing the ID bracelet my mom gave him. 47:40 He's also the one taking aerial footage and stills.

Mario Fiallos

Your dad is my hero too dear, thanks.


@Gijs Boltjes No reason to believe it is true. He could claim to be Neil Armstrong's kid, too.

Gijs Boltjes

If that’s true; very cool!


@Tom Kichler ---> POSTED: *damn you act like you're jealous or something*

LOL. What a laughable, nonsensical accusation.

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