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First Love Never Die
SoKo Lyrics

I feel like walking
Do you feel like coming
I feel like talking coz
It's been a long time

Now your hair is long
And you look so thin
You're always so pale
But something has changed
You're almost a man

4 years and I still cry sometimes
First love never die
4 years and I still cry sometimes
First love never die

Long time no see
Long time wondering
What you were doing
Who you were seeing
I wish I could go back to it

I feel like walking
Do you feel like coming
I feel like talking coz
It's been a long time

4 years and I still cry sometimes
First love never die
4 years and I still cry sometimes
First love never die

Can you feel the same, I will never love again


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Simon Calle Laverde

​@Amalia Ariton WTF, at 14 none of us had a love. You also made me remember my first girlfriend, I remember not believing I could have one. Because I was too shy before that all my childhood. It was at 17.

But after that, I had at least other 10 very, very good girlfriends and all type of relationships during the next 15 years. (i'm 33).

But my "First Love", I told her TODAY that she had been my first love, and dedicated her this song, that's why I'm here. I was 19 and she was 16.

And I also have a "Love of my life" which life separated us, and we met at 27, after college (she was in my university and not even there we ever met), she was 25 and lasted 3 years.

You are fkn young still. Life is just starting for you.

Don't know what to say

It reminds me my first love (of course).
Impossible love, but I loved him. He loved me.
We didn't date, but still that it was real.
He disapeared really suddenly, the last time I saw him, I was in the tramway, he was on the gate.
I saw him through the window, he saw me through the air, we stared at each other, smiled too. And it was the very last time I saw his blue eyes and his dimples.
He was the most handsome and cute and charismatic man I ever met. So interesting, artsy, and so on. Then, I cried for long minutes when i realised that it was the end.
I didn't want to realise it. I was thinking that I would NEVER replace him, that I would never forget him and that although we didn't date, he would be the man of my life.
I was sad, I cried, I couldn't forget him and his glance and the beautiful smiles we shared.
And you know what? I was right.
I will never forget him. Never. I will never replace him neither.
Don't try to replace the person or to forget them. This is useless cause that's basically impossible.
Just know that, if it ended, that's just because it had to and that person was in your life for enough time. Keep the good memories, keep that person in your heart.
But know that it's not the end of the world. And when you think that you will never find better, you are probably wrong. Just open your heart, let people in and accept that you will meet someone even better, that you will live something stronger with that new person.
And maybe this time, it will be the one of your life.

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Sergey Dibtsev

52 years and I still cry sometimes.


Im sorry u deserved better

yubin lee

Meaningful cry

Sofia Sobral

Love is love... O really undurstand you!

Old Snake

Some people's emotions dont harden but crack as time goes on.


Me Too My Memories Make Me Cry So Much, At Nearly 14 I Still Cry Like Each Day 😭

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Kelly Wang

I love the fact that this comment section is filled with all heart-warming stories and vulnerability. Strangers just come together and comfort each other. No comparison, no negative criticism, just pure love. This is beautiful, thank you guys


Magnificent how love changes people, love will always prove to be stronger than hatred.

Meadow Landry

@John Martin Heavy.

Delia Pedroza


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