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A Dangerous Man
Foxy Shazam Lyrics

Bring you lips into my kiss tonight
My life depends on this here roll of dice
And when their gaze is straight
We're going to sneak behind
We'll catch the cold hard truth of being a crook
Thief, rat, no good rabble-rouser
I thought you said I never would, well I did
I did it right infront of your face
So next time just remember
Never say never
Never say never again
Hands in the air it's a robbery
You'll be lucky if you make it alive
If any of you heroes wanna speak up
I suggest you do it now or forever hold your peace
I'm a dangerous man
And if they ask you hold your tongue tonight
Don't tell them what I told ya
Don't tell them what I told ya
When their gaze is straight
We're going to sneak behind
They'll catch our cold hard drift of being a crook
Reach for the sky

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Comments from YouTube:

a cat

If he was to kiss Hitler, their facial hair wouldn't touch.

seth szajek

Funny, that's how my Foxy Shazam/WW2 erotic fanfic starts

Ron Burgundy

a cat or Charlie Chaplin.

Ben Hamza

their facial hair completed each other

Monica Irina Chiorpec

One of the best comments I've seen on YouTube, dude. Girl. Cat. :P


Best band to see live. He eats people’s cigarettes, climbs light poles, it’s insane.

Gabriel Darren

I seen them with some old friends here in Las Vegas, scary kids scaring kids opened I believe it was so damn long ago


I've been sir

Tristan Meade

I saw them in Bristol TN in like 2006 before they signed a record deal. The keyboardist spit a a snot ball onto the light fixture, waited for it to drip back down and caught it in his mouth.

Eric Mills

Hands down. Saw them when they opened for the fall of Troy. He was hanging upside down from the balcony singing this song. The entire place was going insane for them.

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