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Iggy Azalea Lyrics

Make it bounce

I don't wanna hurt you
But I'm bout to work you, watch your mouth drop real low
I'm turning you up, burning the clutch
Full speed, both feet to the floor, feet to the floor
DJ running it back once more
Time to party, that's all I know
Grab somebody, tell them, "Baby, baby, baby, let's go"

Make it bounce
Make it bounce
Make it bounce
Shake it, break it, make it bounce
Make it bounce
Make it bounce
Make it bounce
Shake it, break it, make it bounce

Oh oh oh oh oh

Make it bounce

Iggy Iggy getting them tipsy
Tipping in brah, hundreds and fifties
Pulling up NASCAR, black car, shitting on everyone, sipping whatever we feeling
Real, real good, hands to the ceiling
Dancin' we dizzy, we spinnin' we spinnin'
All about money, the night's never ending
We party 'til morning, tomorrow we kick it

Make it bounce
Make it bounce
Make it bounce
Shake it, break it, make it bounce
Make it bounce
Make it bounce
Make it bounce
Shake it, break it, make it bounce

Oh oh oh oh oh

Make it bounce

Let your hair down, and shake that shit, shake that shit, shake that shit
Sweat it out, go nuts in this bitch
Dip it, spin it and watching my hips
I see you watchin' my hips,
Crazy, move your body like Swayze

Round and round
Shake it, break it, make it bounce!
It's a fucking celebration
Go go go
Girl shake that thing like you made it
Get low low low
Then show the good like you wasted
Pow pow pow
And spray the crowd with amazement
For sure sure sure

Go nuts, hands up, get crazy

Make it bounce
Make it bounce
Make it bounce

Go nuts, hands up, get crazy

Oh oh oh oh oh

Shake it, break it, make it bounce

Shake it, break it, make it bounce

Lyrics © AUSTINTATIOUS TUNES, BMG Rights Management, Universal Music Publishing Group, Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Peermusic Publishing, Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd., Warner Chappell Music, Inc.
Written by: Jochem G Paap, Mike Di Scala, Mark Paul Hadfield, Amethyst Amelia Kelly, Oladayo Olatunji, Talay Riley, Natalie Lauren Sims

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Jalyn Welch

i love this song!

Most interesting comment from YouTube:

Palkupratim Bora

To all those shouting it as Cultural Appropriation, see---

Iggy is wearing a traditional Indian bride attire, and the scene is exactly a marriage ceremony with the man wearing a headgear is the groom.
And in the video song, Iggy is indirectly saying, "Look! I am as beautiful in Indian bridal attire too, and I can dance as well; I know you are watching."

The whites can take offense because they may think why she wears a Indian bridal attire, disgusting......!!!!!

And only Indians who don't know about rap song may take offense as well.

But the song is about celebration and entertainment, and it did that very good.
I, as an Indian don't take offense at all.

All comments from YouTube:

Ri Ya

As an Indian..I am saying this..there was nothing offensive in this video. We don't mind pretty much anything unless the foreigners represent our Gods in some derogatory ways.
P.S.- She rocked those sarees and moves !!


It's not offensive like when Jennifer Lawrence rubbed her backside on a sacred Hawaiian rock and then rather than apologizing laughed about it. This video obviously wasn't meant to belittle anyone's culture or values. Its just showcasing some of the beauty of the Indian culture and people. It's like they say, spread love not hate. ❤

Tanbir Nr

Exactly & why should

Merlin Ria

Our Gods in some derogatory ways? Some foreigners were cosplaying Hindu's Gods?

Gaurav Kumar Madhukar

truth is we indians don't need outsiders to offend us beacuse we indains are enough for each other

Optimum Jonathan

Mo mo same with Mexicans, we love seen foreigners wearing our ethnic clothes and styles. But lately our government has sued designers who has stolen indigenous designs for personal profits.

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Alfredo Devocion

If this was released in 2020, people would cancel her for "cultural appropriation".

Keziah White

But it's actually not bc she features the people and properly wears a sari?? Stop trying to find reason to piss yourself off and enjoy life.💗

William Mcmahon

Exactly and no one called cardi bitch for pretending to be a Muslim and black in vodka not to mention copyrighting Kodak with out legal approval

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