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Hans Zimmer Lyrics


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Model Citizen


I don’t fear the unknown
Because I am the unknown
I don’t fear darkness
Because I am darkness
I don’t fear the enemy
Because I am the enemy
I don’t fear evil
Because I am evil
I don’t fear
I am

Yours Truly - Model Citizen

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Music is a powerful thing. so. good.

Сержант Реза

Exactly 👍💪

Lucica Van Hulle

What is Faze ?

Mustafa Ali

@Adam Danielsson le

Ben Berkenbosch

It's such an amazing this music. Never thought I was able to start publishing songs myself, that I would even be near that level when I first pressed that key on my piano. But this is my experience, I think everyone has their own. It can create moments like nothing ever imaginable.


But also visual, in this case the two combine perfectly.

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U know this guys is a genius because he wrote a 5 minutes piece made of just 4 chords repeating without sounding boring

Chris van Schothorst

@Ty Barker go listen instrumental jazz lmao

Ty Barker

That’s like, every famous artist ever lol
Usually 3-4 chords they put into a song and make it catchy

Voyce electronics Amp technician

@JimboCruntz Dude,you are so wrong.You wouldn't even be using the device you are using to communicate with now if Einstein was wrong.When the first comms satellites went up,the engineers thought maybe Einstein was wrong about time dilation.So they fitted a kill switch just in case he was wrong.They never needed to hit the kill switch though.

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