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Know by Heart
The American Analog Set Lyrics

you are a book for me to read,
line after line I read on and on.
you are a film for me to see,
a string of frames the just goes on and on and on.

and of all the places that i've been,
name after name it just goes on and on.
you are a song for me to sing,
a string of verses that goes on and on and on.


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Comments from YouTube:

Eric Trautman

It’s always surprised me that Amanset didn’t get more popular, they’re great.. The use of a vibraphone/having a dedicated vibraphonist in the band was a brilliant move. I totally wanna copy it lol. Anyone into them just email me, maybe we can start a long distance band lol. It’s easy now.

Kayleb Tooley

Hey friend I am down to start an amanset inspired band. Hope you see this. I play guitar, sing, bass, didgeridoo, and a few others as well.

much love for the love of this band, by the way.


One of the most underrated bands/albums in the history of music!! This album is a top ten ever in my book. So chill.


one ofmy favourite albums ever

Mike Reed

Such chill music. Love it.

Philipp Ändern

Great album, this was part of my undergrad soundtrack back in the day. It's a shame they never got bigger.

Kayleb Tooley

thank you for uploading one of my favorite albums in full. ♥️

Dan Mitchell

I've been listening to this album for almost 20 years on and off and it's still as amazing as the first time I listened


a hidden gem, to be sure

A.A. Prendergast

I discovered this wonderful band coming down from an acid trip. Just popped on my friends ipod (this was back in the day) as I was floating on his couch...perfect place, perfect time

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