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by Glass Candy

Keep going
You're doing good
Work that body,
Come on
And push, push, push it to the limit ladys.

Keep smiling,
& breathe. Inhale
And exhale, fwoosh.

And you're done,
good job, good job.

Ok, so, until we meet again next week ladys,
I have one thing I want you to be thinking of:
What do we always say about rhythm?
"It can't be bought, it can only be found"
Yes yes, okay. Lets get to know the drummers to which we march people.
Our world, our lives, our bodies
They are constantly changing, but there's a rhythm that runs through it all.
And that's where we'll find our true selves.
We live in a universe of transformations,
But a heavenly beat is a constant.
So keep on dancing, and
What do we say when we wanna get in touch with our everlasting souls?

Contributed by Taylor Y. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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