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Rosie's Lullaby
Norah Jones Lyrics

She walked by the ocean
And waited for a star
To carry her away

Feelin' so small
At the bottom of the world
Lookin' up to God

She tries to take deep breaths
To smell the salty sea
As it moves over her feet

The water pulls so strong
And no-one is around
And the moon is looking down

Rosie come with me
Close your eyes and dream

The big ships are rollin'
And lightin' up the night
And she calls out, but they just her pass by

The waves are crashin'
But not making a sound
Just mouthing along

Rosie come with me
Close your eyes and dream
Close your eyes and dream
Close your eyes and dream

Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
Written by: Norah Jones, Daru Oda

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Comments from YouTube:


my mom passed away about two years ago, my middle name is rose, and my mom use to call me Rosie all the time. One day I went to a psychic and she said randomly "Rosie come home" and then I said huh? and she says it a song, never hearing this song in my life I listen to it and it says rosie lullaby, and come home, which my mom always tried to find lullabies for me when I was a kid but never could find the right one.......... well I guess she has and lets just say I ugly cried for about an hour.......


she's fantastic, the only singer i could listen to 24hours non stop

Michał Kasprzyk

It is so beautiful....God's touch....Bless you Norah! It is masterpiece! You are saving lifes...literally...

Loddy Dah

😑 This is bliss....💫💕

Funny Kids

Isn't this about a woman committing suicide in the ocean? I like the song, but does everyone else think something different?

Zee Soul

Nah. In an interview Norah said it was about a friend she knew called Rosie. Her friend was a dreamy soul floating person much like a free spirit.

Reese Reierson

Funny Kids that’s what i thought too 🥺

Joe Gancher

Imagine another version on Youtube without the pedal steel.... blasphemy. There NEVER is enough pedal steel,,,,,NEVER EVER !!

Lilian Mariel Espinoza

Cierra los ojos y sueña... ❤

Benceline Haulussy

One of my faves. Bless you, Norah

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