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Cantaloupe Island
Herbie Hancock Lyrics

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Pavel Goncharov

Groovy groovy jazzy funky pounce bounce dance
As we dip in the melodic sea
Rhythm keeps flowin', an' Drip's the M.C.
Sweet sugar pop sugar pop rocks
Pop you don't stop til the sweet beat drops
I show an' prove as I stick an' move
Every poem's recited on top of the groove
Smooth, my, floatin' like a butterfly
Notes that I float sung like a lullaby
Brace yourself as the beat hits ya
Dip trip flip fantasia

Feel the beat drop jazz and hip-hop
Drippin' in your dome makes you zone and bop
Funk and fusion a fly illusion
Keeps ya coastin' on the rhythm ya cruisin'
Up down round and round, rhymes profound
But nevertheless you've got to get down
Fantasy freak through the beat so unique
You move your feet and sweat from the beat
Back to the fact I'm the mack and I know that
The way I kick the rhyme some will call me a poet
Poem steady flowin', growin' showin' sights and sounds
Caught in the groove in the tale I found
Many tripped the tour upon the rhymes they saw
To an infinite height to the realm of the hardcore
Here we go off I take ya
Dip trip flip fantasia

Jump to the jam boogie woogie jam slam
Bust the dialect I'm the man in command
Come flow with the sound of th mighty mic master
Rhymin' on the mic I'll bring the suckers to disaster
Bookout ducks but I still rock Nike
With the razzle dazzle, a star I might be
Scribble drabble scrabble on the microphone I babble
As I fix the funky words into a puzzle
Yes yes yes on and on I flex
Get with the flow verbs manifest
Feel the vibe from here to Asia
Dip trip flip fantasia

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2019...still sounds fresh

Stoned Meadow Of Doom

His best pre Head Hunters song BY FAR. Wish the whole album was this delicious.


I have this song in Jazz class and I've got to do an improvised trumpet solo near the middle.
God help my freshman soul because I have no idea what I'm doing.

Mike Granger

You're one lucky guy

Sandra Felicia

Marsha Roberts

I'm sure you're winging it so smooth that you do Herbie Hancock proud. You should get his number and invite him to hear you and maybe he'll help get you into his circle and teach you how to be as great as you're wishing you could be. I mean, who knows? Right?

Varun Gupta



Happy Graduation!

113 More Replies...

Michael Douglas

Anyone from the credits of “The Boys in the Band” ?


@jego207 Me neither -- I should have known it was Hancock! The first time I heard this was 1993 in Zandvoort, The Netherlands, live, from an amateur band.

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