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Cantaloupe Island
Herbie Hancock Lyrics

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One of my all time favorite musical memories is asking a random band in New Orleans to play cantelope Island. Half of the band didn’t know it. Two musicians walked the other two through it and they improvised the best version of the song I have ever heard. That moment communicated to me that music is the universal language and it takes someone else a few moments to understand it. Find the right group of people and they can speak it almost instantly. I pity the deaf more than I pity the blind. Someone may help you without your sight. No one can help you through the loss of music.

Ramon Ocampos


Angelo Custodio Moreno

One of the best comments ive ever seen

peter g

@P St: thank you for confirming the limitations of your intellectual capacities.

P St

@peter g pay attention to your scrotum, thats where your mind is

Gianluca de rosa

Avrei voluto scrivere io queste parole,👍

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2019...still sounds fresh

Adrian Cameron

It’s one Heck of a groove

Przemysław Kuśmierczyk


Camila Granja


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