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Cantaloupe Island
by Herbie Hancock

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I have this song in Jazz class and I've got to do an improvised trumpet solo near the middle.
God help my freshman soul because I have no idea what I'm doing.

Iggy O Brien

Piss off 🍋

Iggy O Brien

@Kris Peterson you what?

Dave Jackson

@Saxophone Dude don't recommend the blues scale. It's so dull and adds little flavour. Adding the major scale + blue notes is more interesting and totally within the wheel house of a HS MS or College student. If you listen to Freddies solo there is a LOT of blues, but it's not all blues. And, if he used all blues than it would get bland fast.


LOLOL! I love youuuuuuu - just ENNNNNJOYYYYYYYY YOURSELF! <3

9 Ether


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Phyllis Petras

Herbie Hancock — piano
Freddie Hubbard — cornet
Ron Carter — bass
Tony Williams — drums GOD IN HEAVEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOLD HERE!!

Lauri Saarinen

"Mr. Ron Carter on the bass, that's my man Ron Carter on the bass. Damn right the quest is on, since 91 the quest is on, and we out."

Captain Sisco


Chris Harland

Williams Makes this track. Just starts off as a steady groove & by the end it's flying....and you even notice that he's done it. Superb

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