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IU Lyrics

이상하게도 요즘엔 그냥 쉬운 게 좋아
하긴 그래도 여전히 코린 음악은 좋더라

Hot Pink 보다 진한 보라색을 더 좋아해
또 뭐더라 단추 있는 Pajamas Lipstick
좀 짓궂은 장난들

I like it, I'm twenty five
날 좋아하는 거 알아
Oh, I got this, I'm truly fine
이제 조금 알 것 같아 날

긴 머리보다 반듯이 자른 단발이 좋아
하긴 그래도 좋은 날 부를 땐
참 예뻤더라

오 왜 그럴까 조금 촌스러운 걸 좋아해
그림보다 빼곡히 채운 Palette
일기 잠들었던 시간들

I like it, I'm twenty five
날 미워하는 거 알아
Oh, I got this, I'm truly fine
이제 조금 알 것 같아 날

에이, 어려서 모든 게 어려워
잔소리에 매 서러워
꾸중만 듣던 철부지 애
겨우 스무고개 넘어
기쁨도 잠시 어머
아프니까 웬 청춘이래

지은아 오빠는 말이야
지금 막 서른인데
나는 절대로 아니야 근데 막 어른이 돼
아직도 한참 멀었는데
너보다 다섯 살 밖에 안 먹었는데

스물 위 서른 아래
고맘때 Right there
애도 어른도 아닌 나이 때 그저 나일 때
가장 찬란하게 빛이 나
어둠이 드리워질 때도 겁내지 마
너무 아름다워서 꽃잎 활짝 펴서
언제나 사랑 받는 아이, you

Palette 일기 잠들었던 시간들
I like it, I'm twenty five
날 좋아하는 거 알아
Oh, I got this (I got this), I'm truly fine
이제 조금 알 것 같아 날
아직 할 말이 많아

I like it (I like it), I'm twenty five
날 미워하는 거 알아
Oh, I got this, I've truly found
이제 조금 알 것 같아 날

Lyrics © Peermusic Publishing
Written by: Ji Eun Lee

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Anna Zhang

Like it, got this
It is kinda strange
I'm guessing these days
I like simple things
But then again I'm enjoying
Corinne's music a lot aswell
Hot pink is out
I prefer a deep purple now it's weird
I also like chilling in my pyjamas
Lipstick, I'm kidding but am I though?
I like it, I'm 25
Still trying to figure things out
Ooh, I got this
I'm truly fine
I guess I'm learning a bit more now
Whether it's long hair
Or short hair, don't care
I do as I please
But then I look back
To old days and I guess I was pretty then
Oh why is it that
I keep going back to memory lane
Even so l'd rather fill up my palette, diaries
To keep all my memories

I like it, I'm 25
I know what I like, what I don't
Ooh, I got this
I'm truly fine
I guess I'm learning a bit more now
When you're little everything is hard
You get upset, you're getting scarred
And always end up crying in the end
Life doesn't end at 20
It ain't just momentary
Know, happiness don't depend on age
Look at all of those people
Thriving in their 30s
And they say they're not even close
To being done yet
You still got lots of time on your hands
Doesn't stop for a number on a certificate
Not a kid, not a grown up, somehow just right there
I'm trying to figure out who I am
That's who lam
Shining brighter than I did before
Hello, darkness you got nothing on me anymore

Won't you take a look at you, like a flower in bloom
Everywhere you go they're gonna love you
Palette, diaries
To keep all my memories
I like it, I'm 25
I'm trying to figure things out
Ooh, I got this
I'm truly fine
I guess I'm learning a bit more now
(Still got a lot time left)
I like it, I'm 25
I know what I like, what I don't
Ooh, I got this
I've truly found
I guess I'm learning a bit more now

Timur Hoellmueller

Marshall Cross
2014 - bad (Ladies Code accident, Luhan and Kris, Jessica, Korean ship tragedy, songs weren't that great either)
2015 - great (not many disbandments or members leaving, great music from sm entertainment even oldies like TVXQ and SJ or Shinee with view or Snsd with all of their songs or Exo with call me baby even tho Tao left or RV with ice cream cake or dumb dumb or f(x) with 4 walls or the queen BOA, 4 minute with CRAZY, YG delivered with BigBangs amazing comeback and ikon and winner fresh on the scene, JYP also made great music with MISS A, or Wonder girls or Got7 with If you do and Just right and 2pm with MY HOUSE and twice and Day6 debuted, IU came back with 23 and BTS became huge with i need you and dope, Monsta X debuted and released HERO, Zico and Jay park and Dean and Crush and everyone in Korean hiphop and r&b became huge with songs like MOMMAE, POUR UP, OASIS, Songs like Chained Up and BAD really blew up and this year just boosted Kpop on another level + soooooo much more happened)
2016 - Okay (Many disbandments like KARA, Rainbow, 2ne1, 4minute or members leaving like in Secret, Day6, Winner, Miss A, 9muses, After School but good quality music especially many solo artist like again Zico, jay park, crush, dean, Zion t, Taeyeon, Jessica, Tiffany, baek A yeon and many more. Also dope collaborations like Bermuda Triangle or Eurika or Baekhyun and Suzy for DREAM or Chanyeol and PUNCH for STAY WITH ME and many more, again good music by Sm but only the new groups since TVXQ and SJ needed to enlist and also NCT debuted. Also amazing music from YG with Winner, BigBang making great comebacks and Blackpink debuting, JYP rejoins the Big3 with Twice becoming huge and having hits like CHEER UP and TT and Got7 also moving up. Great comebacks from 2PM and Wonder girls aswell. BTS, Infinite, Monsta X, Vixx showed that they are her too stay with songs like BST, Fire or Dynamite and many more. Gfriend became huuuge and created a whole new kpop style, Mamamoo also finally made it to the top. Pentagon and SF9 showed what the new generation of kpop should sound like and soooooo much more again)
2017 - can't tell yet! Seems to be between 2015 and 2016 with unfortunately many disbandments but with even greater music and debuts and even old groups coming back, especially from sm like SES, TVXQ and SJ.
2015: One of the best years in Kpop
2017: Great music but sad disbandments (so far)
2016: Good music but sad disbandments
2014: Tragic > good music 😢

All comments from YouTube:


I am a 26 year old Korean man who has listened IU's music since I was 18. 7 years have passed through my early twenties with her music. I always have been grateful for her great performance and music but not a huge fan of her. However, recently, I started to think that IU is one of the greatest artist in this era. Besides her physical talents as a singer such as vocal skills and voice, she has a great sense of sympathy.
Same as the song "23", but deeply and more sensibly than it was, she points out the exact emotions of all the people who are in their 20s and drag them into her world. I am sure all the people who are in their age of 25 or older might have felt in the way of this song's lylics; anxiety of being older than last year, being a grown up, and feeling of uncomfortness that we are not yet fully ready for those changes. She tends to speak out her own emotions and stories into her songs, but those often make listeners tend to think as "Hey, that's what I am feeling right now, that's me!".
I thought "23" was just a coincedence at that time, thinking as a "accidental" happening in IU's music career. I thought she simply wanted to stick it to the despair and exhaustion of melting into relationships with others, which I was wrong. She is such a genius in catching out the general mentality(usually it is negative) of the people in her age and comforting them. In her song, we are not  brats, nor losers who cannot find what to do. By listening to her song, I feel somewhat confidence that I am not the only one who has a hard time, and get courage. 
What makes her the greatest artist above all these things is that she can blend those greatness into one decent style. She invites listeners to her world, shares her feelings with them, and gives them inspiration and courage, but her invitation(the music itself) is so catchy and easy to listen. Many artists have their own world and tend to describe it through their music, but not many of them are successful to draw listeners into their side. IU's trials never made me feel uncomfortable nor irritated. That's why I think she is such a great musician. I am already looking forward to see what she gonna make through her ages; I want to get older day by day with her music.

gim jjaacmeng

@You Like!? Mr. Jang ㅋㅋㅋ


@이선우 한국인은 한국어만 써야되냐?


@Jordan Kara Actually I am 31 in the Korean way, but thanks XD

Jordan Kara

Now you 30😝


서른 ㅎㅇ

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Impossible to go wrong with IU and G-Dragon.
It's bittersweet that she's decided to no longer perform this song, but I can only congratulate her on her growth.

Traceless Dane

@Reader she's 30 now. this is when she is 25


why did IU decided not to perform this? :(

Rahmania Ayu Lestari

I always wanna listen to this when I'm 25. Well, I am now. Crazy how accurate these lyrics are. You are learning yourself better at the age, and you like the person you become now. Happy twenty-five to my fellow 98 kids!

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